Eating Pop Rocks

I know that some of you might have seen this video on my Facebook page, but for the rest of you, here’s a little clip about the joys of using your toddlers for entertainment. I took it in March of 2008, so it’s a little old, but still cute. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Eating Pop Rocks

  1. So we literally gave our kids pop rocks for the first time yesterday. Lily (3) loved them. Izzy (19 mo) Looked really worried, almost like she was going to cry. And then she kept saying, “like it” and shaking her head no. I guess she was saying she didn’t like it. It was so funny, and a little sad at the same time. We are thinking of getting more and giving them to our dogs. Now THAT would be funny.

  2. Sorry Camilla, Gila Man already fed pop rocks to the dogs, and it IS funny! The little one won’t eat anything out of his hand unless she can smell that it’s GOOD food!

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