Our Announcement

So today was the day! Not yesterday like I thought it was (sorry about that everyone). I’m blaming the forgetfulness on the pregnancy because I know I only have 9 months to use this excuse, so I’m gonna milk it for all it’s worth!

Today we all went to my doctor’s office and we got to use his brand-spankin’-new ultrasound equipment to see the little Peanut who has been bouncin’ on my bladder for the past few weeks. It was an amazingly clear picture and we got a DVD of it too, how cool it that? Here’s Mr. B to tell ya’ll what it’s gonna be for the Lamb Fam…


5 thoughts on “Our Announcement

  1. We are sooo excited to have another Grandson, he will be just as wonderful as Noah!!
    Love you!! Mom!

    PS….Luke Lambson
    Luke Lambson, Luke Luke Luke……Luke Luke

  2. Hey! A Male duffer!

    That’ll do just fine.

    Congrats to you all, and hey: nice painting in the background. Is that by a really, really famous artist?

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