A Fun Weekend

Sometimes an ordinary day can just be a great time. Like these past few days. My mom drove out so see us on Sunday afternoon and just left this morning. She stopped in the “big city” and picked up a crib that I bought on Craigslist (it is sooooo cute too!!) and came all the way out here just to visit!

We had breakfast together and she drew with Mr. B while I cleaned up after breakfast. She also helped me add some “artistic” touches to my very bare and simple kitchen – it looks AWESOME now! Then Gila Man woke up and offered to watch Mr. B so we could go shopping, just us girls. Oh my holy fun-ness! We got to look and shop and shop a LOOK. At ANYTHING we wanted. Not just food and toys. I discovered stores out here that I didn’t know existed! And let me tell you, I didn’t know all that w@lmrt had to offer until I went through it with my mom who is looking to re-decorate her kitchen (much to the chagrin of my dad).

It was nice to sit and have someone to chat with in the evenings while Gila Man is at work too. Plus, after the little bugger had gone to bed, we got to have a little fun….

*DISCLAIMER: I totally have a normal face and so does my mom, just so ya know. END OF DISCLAIMER*

Yep, we were really busy these past few days. And Dad, when you called? We were TOTALLY finishing up the laundry and just getting ready for bed. We were NOT eating the most delicious waffle cone ice cream while sitting on the sofa all bundled up with blankets and puppies and watching a movie. Nope. That wouldn’t be any fun now, would it??

Thanks for the visit mom, it was nice to have you here.


2 thoughts on “A Fun Weekend

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  2. SARAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…OMGoodness, you put those pictures on your blog! I have never laughed and had so much fun in my life, and *of course* when Dad called we were folding clothes, and you were ironing Helemans work clothes…..right?? Oh….that movie was sooo fun…Mama Mia!! I sang all the way home.
    It was so much fun going to see Mr. B’s school and meeting his teachers and the other kids..(well, except almost getting run offfff the little road up to the school by the speeding mothers, late for work….in those megaginormus SUV’S!!)
    Anyway, I love you and Mr. b and Gila Man so so so much, and the new little baby…..I already feel as though I know him, weird huh??
    Thanks for the good time, I love your little house, and the quiet area you live in, you and Heleman have done so much in the short time you have been married, it is just the beginning.

    I love you…..so so much Sarah Ann, you are a blessing to all who know you! Love Mom 🙂

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