A Blunder of Planitary Proportions….

While shopping in w@lmrt, I happened across a place-mat with all the solar system on it, kind of like this, but with the Sun shining and the planets rotating around it. Did I mention that Mr. B’s newest obsession is the Galaxy? Oh, and the solar system, and the universe and the planets, and stars, and comets? Yep. All of those. He likes to make promises as big as the Universe now. It’s pretty entertaining.

And there is a point to my story….yep…there sure is…

Oh yeah, I found the place-mat at the store. When my hubby and son came back from the bathroom, I showed it to them and Mr. B got REALLY excited about it.
“What’th this planet, Momma?” he asked, trying not to jump up and down.

“That’s Saturn.” I said.

“Why are there rockths out there in thspace?” again, raising his voice.

“It’s called the asteroid belt.”

“What’ths this dark part of this planet, Momma?” he inquired loudly as nearby shoppers looked over with curiosity.

“That’s the shadow of Uranus.” I stated matter-of-factly.

I heard a snicker nearby.

“Well, why does Uranusth have thsuch a big shadow, Momma?” he asked.

I heard a laugh this time and Gila Man turned his face away from us.

“Because when the sun shines on something from the side, there is a shadow on the other side.”

“Wow, Momma!” he exclaimed, “Uranus has a ginormous shadow!  It must be really big!”

In that instant, I FINALLY figured out what was going on and hurried to the checkout, red-faced and thinking that at least someone got a good laugh outa my embarrassment. Even if that someone was my husband!


4 thoughts on “A Blunder of Planitary Proportions….

  1. That story was HILARIOUS!! Just what you want to hear while prego right?! Aubree loved the video of Mr. B!

  2. Yep, EXACTLY what a prego Momma wants to hear….Glad Aubree liked it, we’ve been having lots of fun with our Flip Video Camera lately. Mr. B loves to ham it up and watch himself!

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