A Decision…

Superman's Muscles
Superman's Muscles

The first thing Mr. B does when he gets home from pre-school is change out of his school clothes and into something more comfy – 99% of the time, it’s his superhero jammies. There he is trying to get some super hero muscles to go with his shirt.

Funny Faces
Funny Faces

For starters, I just thought it would be fun to post a couple picts of my boys having fun with the computer. This is what they do while I am making lunch before Gila Man heads to work, and I don’t mind one bit, because it keeps little fingers off the hot stove.

So this morning I had my checkup with my doctor and the baby is doing great, I’m doing fine (other than the nosebleeds, heartburn, leg cramps, and sciatica), everything seems to be going well. Only 8 more weeks to go – technically only 7 1/2, if you ask my hubby, but it’ all the same to me. One of the questions I had for my doctor today was if he delivered in the Big City or not. He said that he very, very rarely delivered in the Big City. If he delivers where we live, he can go next door, deliver the kid, and be back to his office in about an hour. If he travels to the Big City, it can take anywhere from 3 to 4 hours to deliver one kid and it puts all his patients in a fix as well.

With a sigh I had to tell him that Gila Man and I have decided that because we have family living in the Big City and because of recent (and even not so recent) events at this local hospital, we have decided to deliver our new baby in the Big City. I told him that I really appreciated all of his GREAT care and that his staff is great, but I’ve got to go where we are comfortable having our new baby. I was really dreading telling him and was worried about what his reaction would be, but my doctor was SO nice about it and said that he totally understood. It was AWESOME not to feel pressured or guilty or silly because of the choice we made. Then he asked me something I did not expect; he asked me to meet him halfway and to consider a proposition;

“Would you be opposed to having your baby at a different hospital in the Big City?” He asked.

“Well, I guess not. I chose this hospital because our family has spent A LOT of time there, so I’m familiar with it. I can check out this other hospital with my husband and see what we think, and I can let you know at my next appointment. Would that be fair?”

He agreed to it and let me know how things would go if I chose to have him deliver me in the Big City:  Two weeks before my due date, we would set and induction date. Now, this is fine with me because I HAD to be induced with Mr. B because I had a placental tear, was actually leaking amniotic fluid and was at risk for infection, so I wasn’t afraid of any horror stories of intense labor pains because, hello? I didn’t know what labor pains felt like anyway, so it was all the same pain to me. Anyway…the induction date. We would set the induction for the end of the 39th week, and because I have had a normal, uneventful pregnancy and we know that all is well with my little bun, we know that he will be ready to come out by then. I’m due May 15th, so my induction date would probably be on Monday, May 11th. I would be admitted in the morning, be induced, and he would head up to deliver the baby and then head back home. I can stay in a lovely hospital with new facilities, toilets that flush and family all around me. I would also be able to plan ahead; I can be packed, I will have Mr. B’s stay all arranged, and my family can take the time off, KNOWING that I will have a baby during that time off. Doesn’t that sound AWESOME?

But then there’s the arguement (yes, this came from my mom) that babies will come when they are supposed to come. Or that it doesn’t really matter if it’ a planned induction or not because the kid could decide to come early and that would leave us rushing to the Big City with the chance that my doctor couldn’t make it anyway.

As of right now, we are going to check out the facilities in the Big City and see if we want to deliver at this hospital (though an Army camp tent would prove to be a viable competetor at this point) and then we will have to make a decision:

Wait it out and let Nature do her “thing” and take the chances of rushing to a hospital and not getting my doctor to deliver me but still feel good about WHERE I am having the baby (which might happen anyway if I go early),


Take the “planned” route and keep my doctor and be induced again and have some of the obscurity wiped out for me?

Either way, I’m going with an epidural, and I don’t feel a bit bad about it.


One thought on “A Decision…

  1. That’s great! That’s awesome that he wants to do that for you. I’d definitely go for the induction. If the baby comes earlier, there’s still a chance that he will make it there in time. I say stay with the dr that you KNOW you like and take the chance!

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