A Big Step

Since I had the silly comment war on my blog, I’ve been moderating all my comments and approving them before they are posted on my blog (rather than going back and deleting the ones people feel the need to share). This takes time and since I don’t get to check the internet every day, there are some comments that don’t even show up because they are a few days old.

So, I figured that since we are all adults and can share our opinions like grown-ups (you know, nicely), I’m gonna just let you all comment willy-nilly again. I’m not saying that ya’ll have to agree with everything I say, but I’m hoping and trusting that we can have fun with this, really! If you have a previously approved comment, you can keep on talking, but the first one has to be approved.

I also thought I’d let you all know that Mr. B is feeling much, much better. He is eating again and running around again and acting like a boy again, which is great for me, not so great for the floor that has been so clean the past week or so. But really, I would rather take a filthy, bare, DIRT floor and a healthy kid than a clean floor and a sick child. So, we are back to the run-around game – I was getting tired of not playing with cars anyway…..

Sticker Time!!
Sticker Time!!

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