A COOL Show n’ Tell

Super Smiley Boy At Breakfast
Super Smiley Boy At Breakfast

For any of you who have pre-schoolers or just young kids in general, you might understand the importance, nay, the enormous significance of show n’ tell week at school. Every other week, Mr. B and his classmates get to bring something special, something so great in their small lives that they want to take it to school and show EVERYONE they know this amazing little piece of their lives. If Mr. B forgets his show n’ tell, or if I come early to pick him up before he gets his turn at show n’ tell, oh, beware innocent bystander. There will be tears. And blood. But probably not blood. Lots of tears though.

While discussing this with Mr. B today, he said he wanted to bring something “cool” to show n’ tell this week.

“Well,” I said, “You could bring this old shoe. I like it, it’s pretty cool.”

“NO, Momma.” he replied. “Dat old shoe is not cool, it’s just old.”

“How about a pot with a lid? Or this hanger? What about your pillow?”

“Momma, you are thsoooo thsilly! Wait, I KNOW!” he said with a smile. “I can bring YOU to show n’ tell!”

“Me?” I asked, shocked. “What’s so cool about me?”

“Oh, Momma, you can make me Batman Masks, and you make duh yummiest fish so it tastes good, AND you can dance with me and baby Oliver in your tummy and you can read duh Harold and The Purple Crayon story FOUR TIMES. Dat is COOL. And you gave me a cupcake, dat’s cool too. So you can be my show n’ tell tomorrow, Momma.”

Wow, talk about job satisfaction, right there out of my four-year-old’s mouth.


5 thoughts on “A COOL Show n’ Tell

  1. I love it when kids say things like that and you realize that they notice the things you do too! I can’t say I am so lucky. Aubree thought that yesterday I was “being a mean momma”. I wouldn’t let her have “anything special”. Even though she got a HUGE cup of ice cream from S@m’s Club. That “didn’t count”. She “changed her mind” and wanted a different special thing! I just love the things that kids come up with!!! Way to go “tho cool” mom!!

  2. Yep, it’s sweet, but I”m pretty sure it was the cupcake that launched me up to “cool” mom, instead of just “average” mom. It’s AMAZING how far one little cupcake can go with this kid…

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