“You wanna fight?” “If you insist…”

Yep. We are totally fighting. There’s bloodshed. And tears. And even yelling. But no bloodshed. Mostly because the fights have been on the phone. And there hasn’t been any yelling. Not yet. But there will be, you bet yer butt there will be. Why, you ask? Well, I’ll fill you in really quick…

Back in April, we were getting text messages sent to our Verizon wireless card (that how we get our internet out here, there’s NO local service where we live). Since this is just a wireless card and not an actual phone number, we thought it was silly to keep getting charged for texts we couldn’t even read, so we gave ol’ Verizon a call and asked for them to block texts from our wireless card. “No problem!” they said. It was done and we thought nothing more of it.

In May, our second son was born and Mother’s Day rolled around.ย  My mom was staying with us and recovering from the flu, so I got her the Twilight movie that just happened to have a free digital download for our computer (or my iPod touch, hee, hee). So naturally, we downloaded the file before my mom headed home to recuperate. Then in June, we got our wireless bill. Instead of the $60.07 it normally is, my eyes just about popped outa my head at the $267.89 bill I held in my hands. When I finally stopped shaking enough to push the buttons on the phone in the right order, I found out that when we changed the plan to exclude incoming texts, our plan was also (somehow) changed from the “unlimited” plan to the 5GB plan. As in FIVE GIGABITES PER MONTH. MAX. Let me tell you, I was just a teensy, weensy, bit upset about that change because (conveniently) Verizon doesn’t offer the unlimited plan anymore and we can’t switch back. Thankfully, I talked to the guy on the phone and he totally agreed – that movie was NOT worth $207.82.

But every time we do anything online, we have to check our Verizon data usage to be sure we don’t go over, because if we do, we’re charged 25 cents per mega-bite for every mb we go over our usage! And this includes streaming for videos – like Hulu andย  YouTube!! So now I have no TV, and I can’t even watch this fall’s season of “Glee” because I have to worry about the freakin’ overages and I have to be careful of the amount of songs I download and the number of pictures I upload. Not fun, I assure you.

And what does this have to do with my updating my blog? Why I am I holding them personally responsible for the lack of posts lately? Why are we fighting and why am I blaming them for the blog devoid of pictures? Well, Verizon has squashed my artistic flair, they done killed it I tell you! I see some great photographic opportunity and I (naturally) take advantage of it but then the thought creeps up in my mind; “Can I download this this month? How many pictures have I uploaded? How many songs have I downloaded? How many videos has Gila Man watched?”.ย  I mean, Mr. B started pre-kindergarten today! We went to the Arizona/Sonoran Desert museum as a family and took pictures! There have been really, really, funny and outlandish comments, and ridiculous moments people, and you’ve missed them. And I don’t see them on here. I promise that we are alive and well and doing things. REALLY! I just can’t share them as often as I have been.

Tell me, please, how can I work with that? How can I post some funny/goofy/great/hilarious happening in our family without a picture to go with it? And even posting a blog without the pictures counts toward our 5G limit. Grrrrrrr.

So, today, I am going to share a few pictures of our chubby Velcro-boy because lots of you have been asking about it, and limits be blasted! I ain’t scared of ’em….(running away to check the usage as I finish this up)

Finding Fingers...
Finding Fingers...

5 thoughts on ““You wanna fight?” “If you insist…”

  1. If i were you I wouldnt give up yet. I would fight fight fight and demand that they give u the deal back some how. Thats ridiculas!!! It’s their fault!!!! not urs!!! that u have 5GB! They were only supposed to take off txts! That is all! So demand and threat that they fix it or u will go else where for service and tell everyone that VERISON SUCKS! When you tell them that I promise they will work with you— and after many headaches, u will have what u want.
    This is how Dave and I do it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck I hope something works for you cuz u need this!

  2. That’s funny – thanks for the support. I making Gila Man fight it, that way HE gets the headache from all the run around…

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