A Moment

I sit at the computer, scrolling through my friend’s blogs, enjoying a quiet moment as I nurse my son. It’s fun to have an excuse to sit here – I don’t have to explain myself to anyone – I am feeding my son. I have 10 guilty free moments here, and I am gonna enjoy every one of them. After being up 4 times with him during the night, I feel like I’ve earned this break. The laundry can sit, the dishes can soak…

As I scroll, a little face peeks up at me. I gently push him back to eat. He stops eating and peers up at me again. “Oh,” I think to myself, “you can’t be done already! I haven’t looked at Gerb’s blog yet and it’s my favorite…please just a few more moments!”. I encourage him to eat again. He looks up at me expectantly.

“Sheesh,” I think sarcastically, “that was a quick one. Thanks for the break, kiddo.”  He stares at me.

I grab his hand playfully and pretend to eat it. His tiny, unblemished brow crinkles, as if to say, “C’mon, Momma, that’s not what I want.”

I stare down into his amazing little eyes. He stares back expectantly and raises his hand.  I lower my face. He reaches up with his small, chubby hand and places it on my cheek. We look into each others eyes again. He smiles. He coos. He smiles at me and yet, through me. He taps into my body and squeezes my heart. He tugs on the strings that exist only in poems and songs. It’s one teeny moment, but an amazing one that gives me a little perspective and peace  in this life of flashy minutes and chaos.

Thank you, my sweet baby boy, I really needed that.

Grinning Baby Boy
Grinning Baby Boy

5 thoughts on “A Moment

  1. That is super sweet!! What a wonderful moment! Oh and thanks for the compliment. I actually don’t know how to make buttons, but I put up a link on the side.

  2. You are awesome. Thanks for saying mine is your favorite! That was exactly what I needed today. Well, that and to see the sweet face of your smiling baby boy. I have always thought that anything that happens while I’m nursing is totally fine because I’m nourishing a human being… reading, blogging, baking cookies… it’s all good.

  3. Don’t know if you got my message on FB but my pacifashions do work with mam pacifiers. That little story about your son is just too sweet!

  4. Your little guy is so cute. I can’t believe your other one is so big, I remember when you where pregnant with him. That is so funny about the horses.

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