Quote of the Day

So Mr. B and I were cruisin’ the internet, checking out the websites and blogs of friends and family who we know and I was listing the people and their names and who they were to us.

“Momma! That boy looksth like he’sth the thame age asth me!” he exclaimed.

“You know what? You guys are about the same age, and I think you even met him once.” I replied.

“I did?” he asked. “What’sth histh name?”


He looked at me. Back at the screen. Then back to me again with his little brow furrowed in a questioning glance.

“But he’sth a boy, Momma.”

“Yep, he’s a boy.”

“Thso then his name should be “HIM-bie, not HER-bie, Momma!”

Mr. B and Momma


5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. It’s when I talk to him on the phone that I realize he has a lisp, otherwise, I don’t notice it!

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