Oh, The Newfangled Conveniences of Our Times

Today (and this WHOLE ) past week, I am thankful for the internet. When we first moved here, we had to make a choice – either have internet or satellite tv. We couldn’t afford both, so the choice was easy for me; I have to be connected to the web. I need to keep in touch with family and see pictures of cute kids and laugh (or cry) with those friends and family that I can see. Plus, I can watch the news online also and the news is the only reason I wanted satellite.

So we went with the Verizon broadband card. For $65.00 a  month, we got unlimited mobile broadband usage. It was great (compared with dial-up) AND we could take it in the car or anywhere else we were going. Then came the fateful phone call, the one where we called and asked Verizon to please change the texting to our card because we were getting charged for it. 30 days later, our texting problems AND our unlimited privileges were gone and we had to watch our usage to make sure we didn’t go over 5g. We called and asked, countless times, if they could please revert back to our original plan, after all, we WERE paying almost 70 bucks a month for their mediocre service, but nobody would do anything for us.

So on his way home from work, my hubby would stop and ask the Qwest guys how soon internet would be available in our area. He asked so often that one of the techs took our name and number and put in a special order for us. And guess what? We have high-speed, reliable, CHEAP internet in our home. AND free long distance, with call waiting, caller id, and line backer, PLUS our local service, all for $45 a month. Is that awesome or what? I love these new technological advances. I can post pics of what Mr. B WOULD have been for Halloween had I not found the Superman costume on ebay for five bucks.

Shark Boy
Shark Boy after (humanely) eating a yummy dolphin

The phone call with Verizon could have gone like this,

Me: Hey, your service STINKS. Cancel my contract today!

Them: But, but, but…

Me: NO Butts!! (hee hee) Cancel our service, our contract is up this month!

Them: Ma’am, what can we do to keep you as a loyal customer?


But, as it so happens, it went much nicer and smoother, though I am sorry I didn’t get to use the creepy Halloween laugh. Verizon did offer to put us back on the old plan, the unlimited one, but I said no thanks and just asked them to cancel our service.

So I am grateful for being able to post with no limits, and grateful for great customer service.


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