When I Make Mistakes….

When I make mistakes,

I use a lot of salt

‘Cuz salt makes mistakes tastes great.

That’s a line from this song. It’s funny little number that keeps a smile on my face as I drive Mr. B to school in the morning (this is another favorite). Speaking of mornings…

When Mr. B and I went with my parents to visit my brother and his fiance in Oregon, Stephanie (aforementioned fiance) mentioned a little tip that I thought would be helpful in the future:

If you showered the day before, but don’t have time in the morning to take another one, apply a little bit of baby powder to your roots to prevent your hair from looking greasy during the day.

I thought this was genius! What a great idea, right? Until I try it, of course. Tuesday morning caught me by surprise when Mr. B came to wake me up at 7:30 a.m. – the time we are normally brushing teeth, applying sunscreen, and heading out the door. Realizing I would not have time to take a shower, I remembered the baby powder trick and since I (conveniently) have a baby, I ran into his room and grabbed the container outa the drawer. Not knowing how much to apply, but not wanting to be seen dropping off my kid with greasy hair (OH, the shame!), I turned the top to open and raised the bottle over my head.

It took nearly ONE FULL MINUTE for me to see through the white mushroom cloud in order to peer at my reflection in the mirrored closet doors in baby O’s room. I coughed and waved my hand frantically in front of my face so I could see the result, which was NOT what I expected. Instead of a head of light-ish brown hair, there was a crown of ghostly white-ish brown-ish blond hair. Severely dismayed at my newest appearance, and with Mr. B calling from the bathroom to finish up and Baby O fussin’ on the changing table, I flipped my head completely over and desperately tried to shake out as much powder as I could. After shaking, running my hands though it, and finally using Mr. B’s comb to get as much of the powder out as I could, I quickly secured my ghostly hair in an elastic and loaded the boys in the van.

Getting out of the van at Mr. B’s school, I thought I was ok until I caught a reflection of myself in the windows on the way to Mr. B’s classroom. I was in shock over my appearance. Who was the freak with the grey/brown hair staring back at me? I tried exhausting all excuses for going into the classroom, but in the end, I had to sign my son in, so all I could hope for was that someone might think that I had not quite managed to wash out last Halloween costume. That maybe they all thought I had been a ghost or mummy something….Hey, I could hope, couldn’t I?

I was lucky because Mr. B saw a friend right away and I was able to get to the sign in book without a wait. I saw lots of stares and curious looks, but I was able to blow kisses to my boy and rush out the door with my baby on my hip. A few more curious looks on my way to the car, and I was able to make it back home with a partial piece of my dignity intact.

I fed the critters and the baby, grabbed a quick bite of cereal, and was finally able to make it to the shower, where yet another pleasant surprise awaited me.

Have you ever done something, stopped, and thought

What just happened, and how (or why) on EARTH did this just happen to me???

Yep…ever mixed water with flour? It makes a kind of paste, depending on how your water to flour ratio is.







Trust me. Oh, and pass the salt.


6 thoughts on “When I Make Mistakes….

  1. What just happened, and how (or why) on EARTH did this just happen to me??? Oh, yes. I say that about twice a day. But I’ve learned to act like it’s all intentional… this way I am just seen as an everyday freak rather than a gawky, awkward person.

  2. Hahaha!!! I can SO see you doing this! I’m so sorry, Sarah! I have actually tried this trick and it does work. Just be sure not to squeeze the bottle too hard. Just a little will do the trick. I wish I could have seen that! You should have taken a picture of yourself. Aww! I miss you girl!

  3. Lisl – from what I understand, a little bit goes a looooooong way.

    Gerb – I’m TOTALLY going to try to “go with it” next time…maybe I shoulda said I was practicing to be Santa’s wife for Christmas. 🙂

    Jenn – you’re right, a picture woulda been worth a million words!! (or one lengthy blog)

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