Another One-Liner

So it seems that not only does percocet make me incredibly nauseas, sleepy and generally feeling pukey in gereral, it also makes me a leetle bit loopy. If I left silly, non-sensical comments on your blog, or if I talked to you on the phone and I said I would do something or did something that I forgot to tell you about, I’m just gonna blame it on the drugs. Having this molar pulled was 100 times…No…Wait. 1000 times worse than I thought it possibly could have been.

Today’s post is simply another one-liner from my 5-year-old. When this one-liner was delivered, I hadn’t been able to brush or floss or rinse for the first 24 hours. We were watching a video around hour 24.

Mr. B and I were sitting on the sofa, watching a video I had just taken of him singing a silly song. As we were watching it, Mr. B suddenly exclaimed, “Momma, I sthmell poop!”

Thinking he had farted, we moved to the other sofa and resumed our video watching.

Again, he said, “Momma, I sthtill sthmell poop.”

“Did you toot?” I asked.

“Nope, not me, Momma.”

After the third time that Mr. B insisted that he smelled poop, we started to really investigate.

Nothing on the sofa, not under the sofa, not on his hands, fingers, clothes or shoes. I gave up on looking for the poop smell when I asked Mr. B if he had smelled it again and he said no.

“Wait!” he exclaimed as I started to walk away. “There it is! I sthmell it!”

I stepped closer to him and asked him where it was.

“Oh, it’sth ok Momma. It’sth not poop.”

I sighed with relief.

“It just your breath.”

Superboy (yes, the innocent look IS just an act)

6 thoughts on “Another One-Liner

  1. Hahaha! Poor Sarah. That’s sad, but funny at the same time. When did you get your molar pulled and why? I’m sure it’s probably on another post, so maybe I’ll just look around. :o) I hope your feeling better soon.

  2. I got it pulled last Monday. Yes. The Monday before Christmas. I think I had some crack the day the doctor scheduled it. That’s why I said “Yes”. I can think of no other reason I would agree to have a huge, broken, rotten, molar ripped, pulled, and drilled outa my mouth three days before we have Christmas at my house with my family. I’m TOTALLY blaming the crack.
    I had a root canal 2 years ago and could never get enough money together to get it crowned, so the tooth broke and kept breaking, so I had to get it pulled. I went to an oral surgen and he had to cut it open to get to it and then he had a HECK of a time getting it outa there. It still really, really hurts! Poor me!

  3. HAHA! How funny! Not that you had to have your molar pulled —I will forever remember the misery of my wisdom teeth experience and would not wish that on anyone–but what a comic comment. And man, your breath does ROCK after something like that. I recall my boyfriend/now husband saying something like…”umm, I’m sorry, but I just really can’t stand to be anywhere around you right now. Call me when your mouth doesn’t smell like something crawled up in it and died…”

  4. I didn’t know that I could have such “sour, stale” breath! I had a root canal 2 years ago and the tooth just kept chipping away, so the oral surgen had to drill and pull and yank and cut and pry the pieces outa my mouth. I was soooo miserable!!! But (looking on the bright side, which is my new goal for the year) at least I got a laugh out of it, right?????

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