Adjusting to Life…

There is nothing, and I mean, nothing, more pathetic than watching a recently neutered dog try to navigate around the house with a huge cone around his neck.

Staring me down in hopes that I will do something about his condition...

A quick run-down on the newest addition to the Lamb Fam…

We have been nonchalantly looking for a good family dog who would offer us a little protection but still be a good dog around people and kids. What we knew:

1. We wanted a boxer (big), or a miniature schnauzer (small). (Gila Man has fond memories of “Rambo” from his childhood) .

2. We didn’t want a puppy. Think; shots, spay/neuter, more shots, potty training, chewing, chasing, whining, potty training, and the like. I get up on average of 4-7 times per night. I didn’t want to add to that with a puppy needing midnight potty runs.

3. We did NOT want to buy anything from a breeder of any kind. We have seen first hand the destruction that happens with the lives of sooo many critters because people want a “pedigree pet”

4. It would be nice if the dog got along with our old deaf dog, Cherrie.

5. Short hair was a nice option for us.

So we looked on Craigslist. We checked out freecycle. We chatted with friends, neighbors, and co-workers, figuring that we would eventually find something that would fit in our family. Since we weren’t in a big hurry, we were able, or should I say, Gila Man was able to use a voice of reason and make choices about any additions to our animal family.

Then I found an ad on CL that mentioned that a boxer with cut ears was in the pound and was going to be euthanized on Thursday. Since it was Thursday morning, I thought I’d give her a quick call and ask if they had gotten the dog out in time. When I told the woman where we lived, she got VERY excited and said that she ran a Rotti rescue, but had seen this guy in the pound and not only was he beautiful, but he also seemed very sweet. She told me that there were two Boxers in the pound, one male and one female and they were both set to be euthanized today (they were on the e-list). She begged me to run down and rescue them both and try to foster them until a permanent home could be found for them even if I could only do it for a few days. When I told Gila Man about it, he seemed reluctant, but agreed to check them out.

By the time we got down to the pound, only the male Boxer was there, the female was already gone. It was so sad! I went to the back to take a look at the male who was sitting on the freezing concrete without any food, water, or blankets because he was on the e-list. I crouched down in front of the bars, looked in at him and started talking softly. This skinny, dirty, neglected dog cocked his head, watched me for a moment, and started wiggling. It started near the teeny stump of his tail and by the time he worked his way up to the bars of the kennel, his whole body was just shaking with excitement. He came up to me, licked my hand, and started roll over before the animal control officer said that if I wanted to take him I had better go sign the paperwork.

Well, let me tell you – in I went and I signed that paperwork. It was half price adoption day, so after I paid the license and adoption fee and we owned this guy for $22. Really. From the pound, he had to go straight to the vet for his parvo vaccination, then we picked up a half price neuter ticket from the state of AZ and he got to come home with us. On the way, I stopped at local groomers’ to have him cleaned up (the smell of wet dog pouring out of my bathroom was not appealing to me, besides! I didn’t want to be the bad guy!). Turns out he wasn’t brown, he was fawn with a white chest and little white feet!

The adjustment has gone amazingly well. He went from being named Jake, to Beaux to (finally), Wilson. Wilson the Wiggle Butt LOVES my boys. He LOVES me. He chases cats if they run. He is scared of them if they hiss. He likes other dogs. He is knows Cherrie is the boss (yay!). He will chase chickens. He will bark when the doorbell rings. He loves company. He knows now that a human hand doesn’t just hurt, it can sooth and give food and rub tummies! He loves food, but will not growl or make a move if I (or Cherrie or Mr. B) chooses to take it away at any given moment. He loves to sleep with ANY piece of my footwear on his dog bed.

He was so skinny, dirty and scared when he came to us. I think his ears were cut with a dull knife and his tail was docked mighty short. I don’t know what kind of past this guy had (so far, I’ve only been able to tell that he was chained up and left alone for a LONG time), but I know he’ll have one heck of a future!!


7 thoughts on “Adjusting to Life…

  1. Sarah, he is so adorable, and these pics of him with the cone are hilarious. Kudos to you for rescuing your pup.

  2. Oh Sarah! I got teary eyed when you were describing your first meeting with him. How sad and adorable at the same time. He sounds like a great dog! I think you said before that he had never been in the house before. Did you have to potty train him to go outside or did he not have a problem with it.

  3. Lori – I agree, he IS cute! And watching him try to get around the corner to go outside is quite entertaining.

    Melissa – Thanks, I was quite teary when I saw what shape he was in and to see how sweet he was despite his conditions.

    Jenn – We’ve been really good at the potty training thing. As long as I put him out after he’s eaten, after he’s been playing, and as soon as he starts sniffing at anything, we don’t have a problem. 2 of his accidents were my fault – I was too “busy” to put him out, and the 3rd one was the weather’s fault, he HATES the rain!

  4. Animal mistreatment has constantly got to me. It appears like it is getting worse, at least where I live. But there are still sweet souls out there who feel like I do that we must take care of them. I hope the legal system will catch up with our way of thinking about this. It is still treated as a relatively petty criminal offence. That’s wrong.

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