Love For The Exterminator

You know that Daddy has been gone too long when a certain Mr. B follows the termite guy around our yard and house, asking all sorts of questions and really listening to everything he has to say. Then Mr. B helps the Exterminator by providing non-stop chatter throughout the whole treatment. As the Exterminator starts cleaning up and getting ready to leave, Mr. B asks him to come back tomorrow.

“Well, I wouldn’t be very good at killing termites if I had to come back every day and do it.” he says.

“But, you are a really nicth man. You can come back tomorrow, there will be more termites, right Momma?” he asks, “You’ll find more and call him again, won’t you?” Mr. B implores.

“Hey, Sweets, if I find more termites, I’ll call him, k?” I say.

“What’s histh number so I can call him tomorrow?” Mr. B earnestly asks.

“Well, if you don’t find termites,” the Exterminator says, “you don’t need to call me.”

“But…” Mr. B says, getting a little teary, “I love you and want you to come tell me more about bugs tomorrow.”

Well, that man, he just turned away and coughed a little then turned back around and gave Mr. B his card and said,

“Little man, you call me anytime you want, alright?”

And I assure you, he will do just that. Until Daddy gets home, that is.


6 thoughts on “Love For The Exterminator

  1. awe! Poor guy! Misses his daddy. That bug guy sounds like he’s a sweet man.
    And I LOVE Mr.B’s glasses! ow ow! 🙂 He looks like a stud! So business like

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