Ya Can’t Get Somethin’ For Nothin’

Gosh, it looks like it’s gonna be a long run of animal posts for some reason. Maybe because with Gila Man being gone for so long, I feel like all I don is take care of critters all the live long day. The four-legged AND two legged variety. Cook, feed, cleanup, entertain, three times a day. Well, I could have it worse off, this I know.

I don’t mind taking care of the critters that we have because I feel like they each give a little bit back to me every day. Our two outdoor cats (Bobby and Sissy) took care of the mouse problem our garage and have continued to purge the area of any varmit within a two mile radius. The  parrot, Baby, though rather messy, entertains us daily with popular catch phrases from our home, including, “Stop that! Wow, you stink, you need to take a shower! Go get in the shower.” When Mr. B calls my name, she responds with, “What, Mr. B?” or “Goodnight, Mr. B!” In the mornings, she says, “Good morning, I love you! C’mon, get up! More? Do you want more?” she also calls the cats and tells the dogs to get out when we open either the front or back door. Though Cherrie (the dog) doesn’t do much more than sit out front and watch the cars go by, she’s 14 years old and has put in her time, so she gets to rest now. And Wilson does a good job of watching people and letting me know if someone is at the door.

My chickens, on the other hand, since the death of Chuck and since it’s winter and there are less daylight hours, haven’t really been pulling their weight, so to speak.

So I thought I’d blow this up and stick it on their coop, but it didn’t work. Knowing that chickens are followers and tend to sucumb to peer pressure, I had another idea:

Now that we’ve added a few more to our flock, I’m actually getting eggs every day!! It totally makes it worth going out to the coop every day and scooping poop and feeding them the chicken food that I have to buy. Sooo…anybody want an omlet?


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