I Gotta Feeling

Yesterday I was so tired that I:

Woke up an hour late. This meant that I did not get to take a shower before church. Yuck.

Poured water from the pitcher in the fridge over my cereal. Luckily, my son eats anything and I was able to add some milk to it and pass it off as a normal bowl of cereal.

Forgot to pack snacks for sacrament meeting in church. Fun hour, that one was.

Totally blew off at least three people who said hi to me in the hall at church. I hope they understand…

Drove somewhere other than home after leaving church. Where did I go? Oh, nowhere in particular, just the wrong way. We made it home eventually.

Lost a check for one hundred dollars.

Walked into a door.

Couldn’t find my Oregon slippers that were right in front of the door that I walked into.

Skipped dinner to go to bed.

So, without anymore fluff and stuff, I bid everyone a good night and promise to add a blog or two in the near future. I am off to BED!!!


3 thoughts on “I Gotta Feeling

  1. Lori – Thanks so much, I think I’m gonna have to stick to a 7pm bedtime same as my kids!
    Teachinfourth – Yes, every day since has been sun-shiny compared to that Sunday. AND I found my check! Yippee!

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