Spring Brings…

T-BALL!!! Because I wasn’t busy enough, I thought we’d try a hand at this.

These are supposed to be jumping jacks.

Yes, seriously. And they’re just warming up…

And yes, my son with ORANGE hair is on the team who has RED jersies.


But aren’t they cute??

So my evenings, which used to be Momma blogger time, have turned into dinner, practice, baths, stories, laundry (how else am I supposed to keep WHITE pants from staining) filled evenings. But I’ll be back again with stories of great “heights” to share!


4 thoughts on “Spring Brings…

  1. Yep. It’s the symbol for “Sigma” (out here, it’s pronounced “seegma”) which is the sponsor for their team. I’m just happy he wasn’t on the Home Depot team – BRIGHT orange with “Home Depot” across the front!

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