I’m checking out a blog that I haven’t visited in awhile. It’s not a blog that’s listed on my sidebar, but one in my bookmarks that I just haven’t gotten around to adding yet. The screen pops up and says that they have moved to a different blog host, so I click on the link to see it.  And as I click on it, I realize that it’s the same exact layout as mine, but with a different picture in the header. So I look again. Yep, it IS same exact layout as mine. They were a Blogspot blogger before, and now they are with WordPress now, which is cool because WordPress is SO great, right? But it’s not just that, it’s the same layout AND the same buttons.

And a similar (VERY similar) name, and there’s widgets and tickers on the left side, and the same wording for the widgets on the right side.

So at first, I’m all “Cool! They did a really good job! That looks cute and they have added more buttons and their layout is really nice.”

But, naturally, I take a second look and I’m kinda like, “Gosh, they have the exact same tickers as I do. And they could have at least changed the wording on the widgets. I mean, mine aren’t even THAT original. Sheesh”

And then, of course, I have to go back and forth like Kronk with his blasted Shoulder Angles.

Angel 1: “Well, at least they thought enough of your layout to copy it, right?”

Angel 2: “Yeah, sure. But I put some time into that layout, and I feel like it represents ME, not her.”

Angel 1: “But maybe she’s a lot like you.”

Angel 2: “Ok fine, we might be alike, but there are still SOME differences that would show up, like a different number of pages or different wording on the widgets.”

Angel 1: “Maybe they can’t spell correctly and felt like they needed to coin a phrase or two.”

Angel 2: “That was pathetic.”

Angel 1: “But I bet they can do more push-ups than you.”

Angel 2: “Yep, he does have a point there.”

Angel 1: “Her blog looks nice and all layed out cute, like yours. It’s totally a compliment!”

Angel 2: “But she mis-spelled some of her titles, and gosh, it looks EXACTLY like mine!”

Angel 1: “Ahem…haven’t you “borrowed” an idea or two from other blogs?”

Angel 2: “Fine. Maybe, a couple of times. Ok, so I did. But not somebody’s entire blog layout!”

And so on. And so on. But then I shoo my Shoulder Angels away and think to myself,

“Imitation is the best form of flattery.” – Charles Caleb Colton

But as my Shoulder Angels fly away, I hear one of them whisper, “Is it really?”


4 thoughts on “Flattery?

  1. Whew. I’d struggle with this, too, Sarah–especially if all the widgets were the same, with titles and everything. It is a compliment, though…I fell in love with your blog the first time I visited, and there were several times when I was checking it out where I thought…”I have to do that!” (Time has prevailed, though…I barely have time to pee, let alone make cute additions to my blog!) I do think, though, that this individual should have given you props somewhere. Just written a short little post about how much she liked your blog, including a linky to it, and how inspired she was by your creativity.

    It’s okay for us (especially in a writing industry) to be so inspired that we take action. Just like with any book, research paper, article, etc, though, we need to be sure we give credit where credit is due.

  2. I feel the same way when I see things on others’ sites which look similar to mine…but then again, how many times have I been ‘inspired’ by others as well?

  3. I agree with both of you. I have “borrowed” plenty of ideas from others, whether on the web, in person, or in print. I think my main struggle was whether to be flattered or be frustrated. Looking back, I realize that because I actually have a choice, I have opted to be flattered. Being frustrated is not fun and it gives me a stomach ache.

    I also think you are right, Lori; a little “credit” would have gone a looooong way!

    AND…both of you have INCREDIBLE blogs. I love love love the changes!

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