“Some days bounce like a basketball
Some days make me blue.
Some days I stare out through my window
And wonder what the world will do.
I wonder what the world will do”

Lyrics Lifted From

You know, I have great days all the time.

Long days, sure.

Hard days, yes.

But even the long or hard ones can still be great. I resent the opinion that I must have bad days in order to appreciate the good ones, but it’s there nonetheless.

Naturally, I had one of those bad days. And honestly? When I look back at the day, I would love to say that I really didn’t need it. I was having a good, fun, eventful day. I appreciated it! I loved it! I didn’t need someone to throw a wrench in my chain. I was grateful, truly grateful, for that wonderful (although admittedly, tiring) day!

But at the end of the day, one particular event (and conversation) lead me to a question: Where does intolerance come from? Does it stem from hate?  From pain? From fear?

And where is the line that defines when a person in intolerant or when someone is sincerely a bigot? Or does being a bigot lead one to being intolerant as well?

Then I wondered….even if one does or IS these things, what gives them the right to project those hateful, hurtful views towards others? And what do I do? Can I talk back? Defend myself/my views/my family/my friends/my actions?

Or do I “turn the other cheek” and struggle strive to let it go?  Because hurt is hard to overcome. And so I wonder…

Does my “bad day” center around this person and their jacked-up views and attitudes, OR does it revolve around ME and the way I react to said freakin’ jerk-head views? Can I change the person? Their views? Their attitude?

N o p e.

Well, for crying out loud, I guess I just realized what I need to do…

Change My Mind (yes, again!)

Reaction to the Freezing Water.

One thought on “Reaction

  1. Bigotry, prejudice, intolerance…they’re tough to handle, Sarah. I think they’re such deeply ingrained perspectives that nothing you can say or do will necessarily change the way that person thinks and believes. However, I think it is perfectly acceptable to provide a mature admonishment…just a simple “I’m sorry, but could you not express those opinions around me and my children?”

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