A Question (Men Need Not Read)

A few days ago, I was having lunch with a few friends at the BEST pizza and wing place in the area (without traveling to the Mega Big City). While waiting for the fantabulous wings to arrive and chatting, as women in groups tend to do, a question was posed;

If you could make a choice, one choice, and it would be a forever choice, no going back, would you choose to

a: have a rock hard, smokin’ hot body and be able to eat whatever you want, whenever you want, as often as you wanted and there would be no negative effects whatsoever,


b: keep the body you have right now, no exceptions, but be absolutely, completely and totally incredibly rich?

Que the Jeopardy (isn’t that a weirdly spelled word?) music….

I’ll give you another second…

One of the girls at the table knew what she wanted and answered quickly,

“That’s easy! I’d be totally rich and then, like, hire a personal trainer to get into shape and I could travel and stuff and still be all skinny.”

Aahhhh, but then there the catch, the catch that says you have to keep the body you have right now, NO exceptions…

So there goes that idea.

So I sit, and I think for a second. And I wonder….seriously?

What would you choose? I am VERY curious to know. I already know what I would choose, but I’ll post my answer next.


14 thoughts on “A Question (Men Need Not Read)

  1. Gerb! You’re 14 weeks pregnant! This is what I get for reading randomly and not religiously. I am so terrible. Sorry Sarah. I had to reply to that. CONGRATULATIONS GERB! I am so excited for you (and so unbelievably jealous, but you probably figured that….)…I’m playing catch up as soon as I finish with VBS tonight. I promise. If it takes me all weekend.

    And in response to your blog, Super Sarah…I could deal with my extra fifteen to be super rich. I think. Maybe. Possibly. I could play up the legs with really great shoes…and really. If you had all that money, why couldn’t you just pay for lipo? Huh? Huh? πŸ˜‰

  2. Gerb’s addendum: if you are pregnant, you may have the body that you had before you got pregnant. : )

    Lori – glad you are in on the loop, isn’t it exciting???!??? And yes, I suppose you could pay for lipo, but the deal is that you keep the bod you have with money or you are H-O-T hot with NO consequences from any food choices…Sadly, I had to seriously think about this one.

    Shawna – you are already WAY cute, whachutalkinbout?

    Mom – I’ll let you know what my decision is…

  3. take the body, leave the money. I don’t want to be old and helpless, using all my money to stay alive. I want to eat with no consequences. Besides if you are that rich, your family becomes much nicer to you…. in hopes you will leave it all to one of them. It gets ugly.

  4. Hmmm..I think I’d be rich. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about bills all the time, have a house, TWO cars and be able to help out my family.

  5. Oh no questions asked I would choose body! That is my biggest challenge in life – I love to eat but I really REALLY really want and obsess over GETTING a good body! I would take the body and have 2 family size helpings of pasta and a loaf of bread all to myself! πŸ™‚

  6. Plus God blessed me with 2 good workin hands, motivation, and talent to make money and provide enough for my family – but I am VERY lacking with the tight butt and skinny waist department!! lol

  7. Well, since I ALREADY have a super hot body right now…(yeah, I dare you to disagree)…I’d have to go with the money! Haha!

  8. have a hot body then the odds of me marrying a filthy rich man are increased by like 100 %. πŸ™‚ but really.. take the hot bod, work for the money. πŸ˜‰

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