Seriously, I Need to Post Something…

Yes, I shore do. I seriously haven’t stopped running around since the 16th of July, and there’s more coming up.


I will say,

Flying with kids is entertaining.

Reunions are awesome.

Utah is beautiful.

Planes flying into Denver during thunderstorms are BUMPY (which ultimately leads to PUKEY).

Coming home is incredible.

Making personal changes to your own home is fulfilling.

(which leads to)

Having green grass in the yard is indescribable.

Getting my first born ready for school is unimaginable.

Church callings can be successful.

Birthdays, parties, and dinners with friends are fantastic.

Eye exams for children are crucial.

Fights with spouses are stressful.

Apologizing is challenging.

Making up is enjoyable.

Traveling to see family again is thrilling.

Blogging is relaxing.

Life is good.

We Are Family

4 thoughts on “Seriously, I Need to Post Something…

  1. I am so sorry that all you can see in the picture are the faces (kindof) of 3/4 of your family. Sorry-I feel responsible since Cooper and I are right in front of you all. Had NO IDEA!!!

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