Day 2

Today is day two without any ibuprofen, I guess I just underestimated how far one little 600 mg pill would go! Luckily, my mother-in-law is still here and will be until I get out of the hospital, so my boys got to do this little craft this morning:

Gavin the Goblin, Ferdie Frankenstein, Juanita the Witch

When I say that “the boys” helped, I mean that they BOTH helped. It was so sweet to see that little baby up at the table with his brother and Grandma Claire holding a dried-up glue stick in one hand, “applying” it all over the paper and “sticking” other paper to it.

Juanita the Witch

I wish I felt as serene as that little which looks. I took a quick trip to Walgreens today to pick up my magnesium nitrate drink for the day before my surgery, and I brought the paperwork up to the pharmacy, thinking that they kept it behind the counter or something (hey! I’ve never done this before, I am clueless!). The woman leaned over and said in a LOUD voice;

“Yes, we have deese. Over by de laxateeves, on the left are de laxateeves, eet ees on de bottom shelf of dee laxateeves.”

And, as a matter of fact, there WAS a huge long line of people waiting to pick up their prescriptions, thankyouverymuch.

Gosh. Tact, anyone? Nope, we are fresh out today.

On the way home, I get to thinking about my boys. And my family. And my life. And I think to myself,

“Self, I think there’s got to be some sort of learning experience goin’ on right now, so you better get yerself tuh learnin it.”

Which actually translates to Sarah breaking down and crying in her car because for one teeny tiny second, I started to entertain “The Thought”. You know, the scary one. The one where everything is NOT ok everything doesn’t work out for the best. That thought that I might not come home from the hospital in a week, or ever.  And I was suddenly scared. Then I cried. Then I got stuck behind the train on my road and I just sat there and used that excuse to cry some more.

And then I took a deep breath, wipes the tears from my cheeks and the snot from my nose (yes, I did use a napkin) and I realized that all this is happening for a reason. I need to “just keep swimming”, but am in the desert, so it’s more like “just keep sweating”. I have my list of things to get accomplished before Wednesday and I’m chipping away at that, I am talking to and visiting with people who are amazing examples anyway and who just keep getting more and more amazing, and I am praying. I don’t know what else to do. But right now, it’s working out just fine.

When I finally got my act together and the last train car sped by, I got to come home to this face:

Baby Face, complete with binky, boogers, and bruise.

And tonight I got to do this:

Sharing Time in The Bath
Today's Bath Was Brought To You By The Letter...Oh well, we didn't like that letter anyway.
You eat one too, so I'm not the only one in trouble.

Somehow, everything else seems to melt away for the moment and I am ok again. Ready to face another day.


12 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Sarah, I have faith in Him that you will be just fine. God has a reason for all of this and even though the reason isn’t clear now, it will be one day. You are a wonderful mother, wife, daughter, and friend. Everything is going to be okay, just another bump in the long road of life. You have a beautiful family and support system. If it makes you feel better to cry then cry your heart out. If you need someone to cry with I’m here for you.

    Sending prayers,

  2. Crystal said it all in the previous response. Cry when you need to and laugh when you can. But these are very difficult days for you and no one knows how you feel unless they have been there themselves. I continue to pray that God will surround you with peace. Love you girl.

  3. Sarah, I am sitting here crying. For you, for your boys, for your husband and mom and dad, and everyone who loves you cuz this nasty blob of yours is affecting all of us in it’s own insidious way. But, and this is a big butt, I mean but, I see something miraculous in all these tears. Sharing your pain and your fear is making me take a moment longer to appreciate the little everyday things. It’s like yout trauma shook me awake and now I want to really stop and smell the roses. Do you hae any idea how many people you are awakening this way? So Hon, when you get down you just remember how your blob is causing us all to pause and appreciate life’s little moments just a little bit more, and you be thankful that you can give us this gift. God bless you.

    Big hugs…Danita (Love the bathtub pics…they made my night!)

  4. Awwww….Sarah! You are making my face leak again! Your family and you are such blessings. It’s okay to break down sometimes. But know that we will be right there helping you get through this, no matter how ugly it gets. But, I don’t think it’s going to be that ugly. This is just a jolt! When it is over, we will all be stronger people, stronger Christians, wiser people, and closer friends. Then we will take a super long hike!

  5. Sarah,

    It is okay to cry. It will be okay if you cry in front of your kids. It is amazing how comforting they can be and not scared. They love you. Yes, there is a reason for all of this; I don’t know what it is. Your Loving Heavenly Father will show you when it is time. The Thought is a natural response, but we have a supernatural response – faith. He is there; let Him hold you.

    We love you and are praying. Ann

  6. Sarah! My heart goes out to you and your family. I’ve been out of the internet loop for the past couple weeks with our move to Sierra Vista. Only to get here and finally start reading all that has been happening to you. Our prayers are with you. Take heart. Heavenly Father is definitely watching over you and your family through all this.

    Love ya!


  7. Crystal – Thanks so much for the words of encouragement!
    Carolyn – As always, thanks for the prayers.
    Danita – Awwww, I’m sorry that you cried, but VERY happy that you are able to find joy in the little things, I am finding myself doing the very same thing these days.
    Ginger – You are right, just a JOLT!! We can make it through!
    Ann – Thank you so much for the reminder.
    TinFourth – Yup, sometimes these little moments help us sit down and view things from a different angle.
    JoDee – Wow! So glad you are back in the area. Hope your move went well!

    And everyone, thanks so much for for all the prayers and support – it really is what helps keep me going!!!

  8. First of all, Where did she get those cute cut outs for the the puppets. I want to make some myself! So adorable!

    Sarah, I hope you know how much you are loved and adored by SO many! From these posts, I think you get an idea. ;o) You ALWAYS find a way to brighten people’s days and make light of any stinky situation. You have a right to have bad days and just cry it all out. EVERYONE needs those kinds of days, in my opinion. You are doing exactly what you need to do, just keep praying and having trust in the Lord. He’ll get you through this. You’re amazing, girlie!

  9. Jenn, I got them at Target for five bucks! Mr. B LOVED punching them out and putting them together with glue – the stickers and glitter we added ourselves.

    And, thanks for the encouragement, you are great!

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