My bestie up the street invited me over to paint my toenails (because I totally can’t reach them, how pathetic is that?) and tried to cheer me up a little bit with this dance:

Then she baked me some yummy pumpkin blueberry muffins AND almond poppy seed muffins and did THIS dance:

Sorry about the video quality, I took it with my (not smart) phone. Because everyone needs a little pick-me-up!


8 thoughts on “Pick-Me-Up

  1. Women will go to great lengths to lighten the burdens of a good friend. I am glad that Callie had the energy to “do the dance.” I am sure you feel better after a good giggle but I bet she is tired!

  2. Yes, I was VERY tired after doing my Sarah dance. I am actually still sore from it but it was all worth it to make Sarah laugh! πŸ™‚

  3. WOW Callie!! That’s how to shake a tail feather!

    Actually I think that is how you work off alllll those YUMMY brownies with frosting and vanilla ice cream LOLOL! πŸ™‚

  4. Carolyn – Her legs are STILL sore today!
    Callie – I agree. So worth it!
    Donna – Yup, I’m VERY lucky – she can bake like NO other!
    Mom – after I recover, I think I’ll take a lesson from her, it MUST be how she stays so thin!
    Allison – She did the moves AND let me post them, awesome indeed!
    Esther – Absolutely!
    Melissa – Yup, hence the “besty” reference!

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