Be Ok

While going through my music collection to make a CD for Mr. B I realized that it was hard to do. You see, ALL the music I had on my Mac was wiped out when our hard drive crashed. And the way I collect and remember music is a little strange; I don’t remember (or even organize) it by the genre or the name of the song, sometimes I can’t even remember the artist (weird, I know). I remember the song by WHEN I purchased it or by what was happening in my life at the time. I know when every song I LOVE came out, which makes it hard to find my music now, because all the music I had on disk was imported on the same day, so I have to go through the songs one by one to find the fun ones that I know my son loves. While going through them, I found these gems, and I thought I’d share, ‘cuz I think they’re great.

Plus, after almost TWO MONTHS of being sick, I seriously just want to “Be Ok”.

The lyrics in this one (especially in the chorus) are fantastic.

And I thought this one was cool. Just because.


PLUS: Today is 10-10-10, which is AWESOME, is it not?!?!?


4 thoughts on “Be Ok

  1. Great picks, Sarah! Isn’t it fun to rediscover old tunes that we just fell in love with? Have fun making that cd…everynow and then I hear a song and think, man that’d be an awesome song for an “autumn mix,” but time keeps getting away from me. I need to sit down and do that. Keep on feeling better…how can you not BE OK?

  2. Emily – Yep, I LOVE it too!
    Lori – My kiddo loved listening to it on the way to his cousin’s house, it was worth the time I put into it to see that cute grin when a great song came on!
    Michael – Shush, you. Just shush.

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