It Is Quiet

Vewy, vewy quiet. Since this week was fall break (and I only found out on Thursday because I happened to be going through the MOUNTAIN of mail waiting for me on the counter), I was wondering how on Earth I was going to get through this week with both of my boys home. Mr. B is a good kid, but he’s also a very, VERY busy kid and the thought of trying to entertain him while still being unable to do much of anything had me a bit worried.

In steps Gila Man’s brother from The Big City. They are on Fall Break too, which means no school, no piano lessons, and no soccer, and that, apparently, leaves plenty of time to play with out of town cousins!! It’s the first time either of my boys have been away from home or from me for more that the hospital stay was, and I have to admit; I’m a leetle worried about my guys. Here is how sad they are to be leaving home:


Scootin' The Suitcase



Let's GO!!


So my house is quiet. But I miss my boys, oh what’s a Momma to do???


3 thoughts on “It Is Quiet

  1. Nothing better than a quiet house! Sure, you’ll miss your kiddos but just BASK in this silence! That’s nice of Gila Man’s bro to step in and let the boys stay with them for a little while.

  2. I am really happy that my kiddos are having fun with their cousins, otherwise, it might be a little hard to have them be gone for so long! But that saying, “Silence is Golden”…

    So true.

  3. Awww…I’m sure they will have a wonderful time, and MISS YOU LOTS. I have always longed to have a vacation at home…no kids, no husband, just me, myself, and I. Enjoy it!

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