Pathology Report


The Blob


Today’s visit went really well, though I am totally exhausted and was ready for bed by about 5pm. After examining my incision and telling me that he wanted to use staples but that the attending student chose sutures (I am soooooooooo grateful for that!!), we talked about the mass, what it was/wasn’t and what to do from here.

Here are the notes from the Pathology report:

(A) Mesenteric implant, excision: acute inflammation and granulation of tissue, negative for malignancy. Translation (TR): the little mass that he biopsied from my first surgery turned out to be healing tissue that was lodged in my lower intestines. He didn’t expect to find or biopsy this little mass, he found it during the exploratory part of the surgery. It was NOT malignant like they first thought when they saw it.

(B) Retroperitoneal mass, left, excision. Translation: Found the mass, it’s on the left side of my body, he removed it.

1) Paraganglioma, 8.3 cm. Translation: found “The Blob”, it was about 3.2 inches, about as long as your pointer finger.

2) Tumor appears well-encapsulated with no capsuler invasion identified. Translation: The Blob didn’t invade my organs, it was well-behaved and kept to himself.

3) All surgical margins free of neoplasm. Translation: NOT a tumor

4) See comment for immunoprofile. Translation: a bunch of non-sensical info about the testing they did on The Blob is in the comments section of the report.

(C) Ileal mass, resection. Translation: this is the same blob from (A), above.

1) Granulation tissue with hemorrhage. Translation: a bloody little mass

2) Suture material present. Translation: pieces of sutures from my first surgery were in the small mass

3) Negative for neoplasm. Translation: not a tumor


SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…..GOOD NEWS!! Not only did The Blob NOT invade my organs, but it was just a big, bloody mass of cells that were NOT cancerous! YAY!

I also received the operative report from the surgeon and will transfer his notes (it’s quite fascinating to me, but you may be bored with it), and I’ll get it on here as soon as I can type and keep my eyes open at the same time.

On the way home, I looked up. I watched the sky and saw the clouds and felt the wind and watched the sun take quick peeks from behind purple mountains. And I was grateful.

To my family.

To my friends.

To my Father in Heaven who has some plan for me on this beautiful earth, I am grateful.


Me & My Little Boys, 4 Weeks Ago


7 thoughts on “Pathology Report

  1. “It’s not a Toomur!” What movie??? Haha! I’m so glad Sarah!! You must be so happy!! I hope you continue to heal well. Love ya!

  2. That is wonderful news!! So great to have it from the doctor’s mouth that everything is good and life goes on! Celebrate with your boys and enjoy a wonderful stress free weekend!!

    Stay Strong and God Bless!!


  3. Jenn – KINDERGARTEN COP! I have thought of that movie soooo many times since this whole thing started, thanks for the reminder!
    Donna – Thanks so much, will do!

  4. you look beautifully radiant in the photo with your boys! and i’m soo glad it’s nothing too serious. now get healing and get coloring!

  5. YAY! So happy for your happy ending. I can totally see you pulling an Arnold Schwarzenegger with this– “It’s NOT a TUMOR…” Love it. Now: Heal, body, heal!

  6. HOORAY! Thanks so much for the translation as well! I’m so happy for you! Congrats to you and your family! Happy, happy news!! *clapping enthusiastically*

  7. I’m so relieved for you, and so very happy. There’s so much more I want to say but I feel like I’ll sound like a record, that the needle is stuck and is highly irritating. So here is a shortened version: Yay Sarah!! You’re awesome!!

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