The Boys Are Back!

And my house is messy.

There are toy cars spread from the bedroom to the front door.

The kitchen table is covered with paper and colored pencils.

Diego is playing on the TV.

There’s food under (and all over) the high chair.

The dogs have resumed their stances near the table during meals,

I can hear shrieks of laughter and tears of frustration,

And everything is normal again.





(I can’t post this without giving recognition to Gila Man’s brother and sister-in-law for taking BOTH boys for one WHOLE week. I knew that they were well cared for while I snoozed and recovered during Mr. B’s fall break. I seriously don’t know what I would have done with both of my kiddos home all week and me being all useless like this, so THANK YOU, Ammon & Aria, my kids had a great time with you and I got to rest, you are my heroes of the week!)


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