Yes, Seriously

I know, I know, I’ve been lacking in the posting department. And yes, I am seriously going to post my Halloween pics.

I did not have fun on Halloween, or on the Thursday before it when my son had this carnival at his school.  I had this great witch’s costume picked out and some super fun makeup to complete the outfit, but everything went sour that afternoon and evening. There was something about trying not to lose my kid in the masses of children and adults at the party that squashed the first part of the fun, then trying to wrangle/hold my toddler pretty much pummeled the rest.

But I did dress up my children and we did say “trick or treat” as we went from door to door at each classroom at the school. Then we went through the haunted house. Then we came home. I did not even have an extra arm to take any photos except one, and it’s not even a great one. But since this is my “blurnal” (my blog and journal), I feel like I need to document it somehow, so this is it.


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