Boring Non-News

Here’s the thing. A few people have asked me why I blog, or what it’s for or why I feel the need to type all this jibber-jabber out here on the web. In our Sunday school class, one of the teachers was talking about how important journaling is, and I realized that I should maybe be working more on what’s going on in our whole little life instead of just what I’m feeling at any given moment, so my blog is going to be a little more detailed and quite a bit more mundane. Then I watched THIS VIDEO (I fixed the link) which gave me the idea to publish my blog entries in my own book to keep as my “journal” to look at and read whenever I want. Plus Mr. B really likes looking at all the photos of him as a little kid and it’s fun to read it together (though some of those stories I wish I could go back and edit!!).

I printed out 2006 (which was really short) and I kinda figured out what to do and what NOT to do (like spell my name wrong on the title, and add MORE photos), I sent it in to Blurb, and I got it back in the mail yesterday. It was really fun and not too complicated, and I’m looking forward to printing off every year and trying to do it once a month or so.

Sooooooooooo…..there will be lots of boring non-news and little updates, I hope you don’t mind the mundane-ness in the posts of the future. Plus, I really like looking back at what’s been going on in the past few years – as I print it I re-read it and remember so many things that have happened, AND I laugh a lot, and who doesn’t like a good laugh!?!?


2 thoughts on “Boring Non-News

  1. I think that blogging is a great way to do journaling…heaven knows I don’t write a journal anymore and this keeps some of the stuff documented.

    More photos is something I need to remember, too.

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