8 months ago, my little Ollie was suffering from ear infections every two weeks or so, which led to loooooooong night of rocking a crying baby and struggling to get even 4 straight hours of sleep. We went to a fabulous ENT in Tucson and ended up deciding to put tubes in the little guys ears. I had NO idea what to expect, but the screaming baby I went running to in the recovery area. It was really, REALLY hard to settle him down, but once we did and he got over the initial surgery, my little guy started sleeping though the night! Here he is before he went in, and a few of my Mr. B, who was an ABSOLUTE angel throughout the whole ordeal. This kid was seriously golden that morning.

He looks so small and tiny susceptible on that great big bed. I remember thinking that I just hoped that they took care of my little baby boy.

We went in on Tuesday for his follow-up and his little ears look GREAT! I was so happy that there were no complications from his first surgery and we are all clear for another 6 months!! Yay!


One thought on “Follow-Up

  1. My son had to have tubes in his ears when he was about the same age. That is so stressful to leave your baby in someone elses hands. Glad he is feeling better. You will be amazed at how much better he does now that he has the tubes

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