Tucson was a beautiful place during Thanksgiving, but it sure got chilly once the sun started to set. Luckily, we were nice and toasty inside with our family!  This was the first time my Aunt Dee Dee has EVER hosted a Thanksgiving, and I have to say LUCKY US, because it was scrupmtious! It was the moistest turkey I’ve tasted in years. Great-Grammie helped out with the fixens, but it wasn’t a complete meal until the chips and homemade salsa were brought out…where else would you have that as an appetizer?? Only here in sunny AZ. From there, we drove up to Pinetop Lakeside, where is was NOT sunny, but more on that later because I am WORN out from our trip and taking care of a sick kiddo…off to bed I go…


One thought on “Thanksgiving

  1. Sarah, you look Really great! I can tell you have lost weight! You really look beautiful. I LOVE the pics of Ollie man-handling that big chunk of turkey! And the picture of the two turkeys is adorable (Noah holding the turkey). It looks like you had a great time! Will you be coming to Mesa anytime before Christmas? After Christmas? We would LOVE it if you could!

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