A Charlie Brown Type Tree
A Charlie Brown Type Tree


That’s what’s floating in the air this time of year. Well, magic and dust. We live on a dirt road in Southern Arizona, so there’s plenty of dust floating around with that magic right now (the high yesterday was 80 degrees…yes, seriously). But I have to admit, that there IS magic in this time of year, whether or not you believe in Santa Claus. Two years ago, exactly 6 days before Christmas, Mr. B asked me to tell him the TRUTH: was Santa real or not?

“As real as the Easter Bunny.” I replied.

“Isth the Easthter Bunny real?” he pressed.

“About as real as the Tooth Fairy.” I said.

And there it was, he caught me. See, my kid is NOT fond of anyone or any “thing” coming anywhere NEAR his room while he is sleeping, so the idea of some freaky fairy flying around at night and sneaking into kids’ rooms and stealing their hard-earned teeth and giving them such palsy baubles as quarters was simply terrifying. When he was 3,  I told him that the fairy tale myth was one that someone thought of loooong ago in order to entertain children.

As he put the two statements together, I thought I could see that I had gone and bursted my son’s belief bubble. I thought he might be sad or mad that I had lied to him, but he was actually relieved that he didn’t have to worry about ‘ol St. Nick seeing him while he was asleep or while he was awake. I’ll admit, I’d be pretty freaked out too if I had thought hard about it, and my son DOES think hard about nearly everything, so we have to watch what we say around that kid.

But regardless of the belief, magic still abounds, there is NO denying it. Here’s a little peek of how our home was “magically” transformed for this holiday season…

A Lack of a fireplace leads to a super-cute stocking hanger!
The most annoying mouse on the planet. And the cutest kids. And the fattest fake snowman.
Unreachables (which is why the pic is so bad...I can hardly reach up there to take it!)
A magnet board for greeting cards, and the first ones of the season!
My Kindergarten Art. Really. I made this in kindergarten.
Elf on The Shelf, next to Merry. Someone made that elf for me around 14 years ago.
First Home-Crafted Wreath. I promise it looks a little nicer in person.
Two Little Boys

We took a LOT of ornaments out of the box to decorate our tree, but I ended up putting most of them back. That little rascal on the left is quite the decorator, and since I let the boys do the tree themselves this year, there are a few fragile ornaments on the top of the tree, and a huge glob of stuffed/soft/chewable ones dangling, hanging, and sitting near the bottom.

What other time of year would this be so endearing? Nope, it’s the magic of the season.

Just like our home on the outside. Guess what we have hanging from our eaves?


Christmas ones, all pretty and dangly and blinky and glowy.

In the four years we’ve lived here, we’ve never put Christmas lights on our home. It’s that fantastical magic. Ok, ok, and my husband’s willingness to climb up on the ladder and wrestle with the staple gun in the chilly 72 degree weather.

But that magic has helped us all to feel closer as a family. To feel happy. To feel peace. And to me, there is no greater season.


5 thoughts on “Magic

  1. I LOVE your cute decorations! You’ve been busy-Did you make them? I’m glad you got lights on your house this year- good job!

  2. Of course I didn’t make them. I am NOT crafty in the least sense. BUT I do appreciate those who do have that talent, and I am quite a collector of their labors of love!

  3. Sarah I just LOVE your blog! You’re such a good writer and you keep me hanging on every word…teach me how! Ha ha. I love this post too! I realized just a minute ago that I need to post something Christmas-y! 🙂

  4. A friend of mine responded with “is Santa real?” with something to the effect of: Santa is the representation of giving to others without thought for self, and of always trying your best to be your best.

    That’s not exactly it, but it was something along those veins…

  5. Gina – you are GREAT, thanks so much for the affirmation! I have to admit that my best writing comes forth when I write the way I think. When I try to sound good to others, or if I try to shape my words and phrases around what I think others might like to hear, I don’t write nearly as well. That’s my advice to you…you’ll be great if you write what you are thinking!

    TinFourth – I really, really, REALLY like that answer…wish I’da thought of it!

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