In a perfect world, or rather, in MY idea of a perfect world, I would make the right choice every time one was presented to me. I would just reach right out and grab that honest/correct/patient/kind/sweet/loving/funny/understanding/generous answer. GRAB it, I say!

Alas, I am only Sarah, and I’m not in that world.


2010 brought a few surprises to my life that I would be stupid, STUPID, not to learn from. So though I am not perfect and I make mistakes and I do things wrong, I will take this new year and turn it into something better than it would have been had I not gone through the trials of last September.

Seriously, though.

5 months ago, I was diagnosed with a Sarcoma, “a rare and deadly form of cancer”.

Turns out that when the Dr. Opened me up, he was wrong.

It was still scary.

It was still very, very hard to deal with and recover from.

So when the question comes up from WordPress blogaday challenge, “What was your biggest accomplishment for 2010?”

I say…



And I am grateful, so, so, SO grateful for my life, for my family, for my faith, and for my friends.

So just wait until the end of 2011, my list of accomplishments will be WAY longer (but mostly because I make a lot of mistakes, which makes for LOTS of learning).


All of us in the room! Seriously Crazy!




3 thoughts on “Accomplished

  1. I love this picture of your family! It captures your personalities so well! Here’s to a better 2011!

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