In an area where HOA’s are NOT prevalent, it’s fun to go to the big city and see this particular neighborhood in which the folks who live in these home are required to put up Christmas lights every year.

You can tell from the different styles that some people LOVE doing this, and others…not so much.

Since Gila Man was working that night, I went with two other families and walked around the entire housing development, it was so much fun! PLUS (and this is the clincher) there was KETTLE CORN!!!! I bought a ha-huge bag, and though I did share some with my kiddos, it was pretty much mine to hoard and love and munch on throughout the evening.

The weather was beautiful, the company was great, and the snacks were perfect. I think this is going to become our next family tradition!


This was our favorite house! The decorations were gorgeous and very tastefully done!



Checking Out the "baggies" on the lawn

Here are some photos that Mr. B took as he was perusing and I was chatting. This must be what it’s like to see things from my goes-a-mile-a-minute-and-never-stops-for-a-second 6-year-old!

This house had music AND lights AND a water feature. We stopped and watched it for at least 10 minutes. It won the most creative award, and TOTALLY deserved it!
Ollie couldn't stop watching the water/lights/musical house!
All of us in front of this tree that was decorated so incredibly that it got a "Best Tree" award!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



This was the favorite attraction of the whole night. A mini-house with a doggy family celebrating Christmas nestled inside. The kids LOVED it!
See? The FAVORITE attraction (isn't Jo Jo's face great?).
So there was magic (and love?) in the air that night! (Mr. B and Ms. K holding hands while skipping down the street)


So that was our night. And I’d do it again anytime, though I might stop and get some hot cocoa before we start, what with all that “snow”…



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