Eating Crow

I’m a book person.

I seem to remember always being a book person, and considering we didn’t have TV for most of my high school years, I can look back and understand why. My favorite places to shop are bookstores; there’s something about the way that the store smells that lures me in and entraps me for hours. I think the perfect date would be bookstore browsing at Bookmans, and then a light lunch and maybe a movie (but heading to another bookstore would probably make it even better).

But this post isn’t about books, not really. It kind of is, but it’s more about eating crow, hence the title.


I was wrong.

Gosh, it doesn’t feel good to say that at all! I would rather not have said it, but now that I have, I suppose that I can enlighten you as to WHY I was wrong.

Church on Sunday’s is great, even with two kids. But I have a secret weapon – I have “The Church Bag” to help me out. Inside the dark depths of my Church Bag  lies a Mary Poppins type of set up – infinite entertainment for otherwise squirmy children. In order from largest to smallest are: an Ensign, a Friend, a coloring book, some blank paper, a notebook, a pencil box, a geo shapes cube, magnets, 3 snack cups, two water bottles and a couple of Speed Racer cars. I haven’t had to leave our seat early once since we moved here (with exception to one of Oli’s blowouts) and our first meeting is an hour and ten minutes long.

Where on earth am I going with this? Trust me, I’m getting there. It might be a Bil Keane type of path, but we are getting there, I assure you.

Up until 3 weeks ago, my Church Bag also contained my set of scriptures (Bible and Book of Mormon), my Sunday School manual, my Relief Society Manual, and the last conference issue of the Ensign. It was a heavy bag, but I am a book person and I needed my books!

Then my husband, the App Shark, found a new app put out by the LDS Church where EVERYTHING that you could possibly want or need for church is on the same app! It’s great because I even have all of Mr. B’s Primary info on it so we know what the theme and scripture is for every month!

Before this, I had a different app for each class, PLUS the thought of snapping on my iPod Touch in the middle of a spiritual lesson just seemed like a show of bad manners, so I always shook my head at my heathen husband every Sunday morning when he was trying to find his assigned scripture to read out loud.

Now, though, I realize how nice it is to have this handy device.

Nice because my Church Bag is lighter.

Nice because I can find any scripture in any class at any time.

Even if it doesn’t feel or smell as good, I have to admit…it’s rather handy.


2 thoughts on “Eating Crow

  1. I would “like” this if I could…I kinda feel the same way (ish), of course not with the kid stuff, since I have none. But sometimes I would just like to use my phone scriptures! But I don’t want people to judge me and think I’m texting or getting on Facebook…I just fear that I would distract other people. And that must be because I get distracted SOOO easily. But I’m glad you got your bag lighter! (I’m a book person too, I understand! 🙂

  2. I too love the feel and smell of books. The only time that shopping doesn’t feel overwhelming is when it is at Borders, Barnes and Noble, and the like. But I have to admit, having information readily available is pretty fantastic! I think that as long as you are still reading you are ok. I don’t want to see libraries and bookstores become obsolete, but technology has made information retrieval so quick, you can spend more time doing pleasurable things, like reading for pleasure!

    I have lugged my share of Mary Poppin’s bags during the days when my kids were young, and I can only assume that the lightening of your load may make room for some more happiness in your life!


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