Christmas, Part 2

We opened gifts that were too bulky/ugly/illegal/silly to take with us to California, plus we gave the boys a couple things to play with on the plane ride over, though in the end, a couple of their favorite books and Gila Man’s phone would have done the trick!


It’s strange, because I never thought I would have to buy two of everything with my boys so far apart in age, but lemme tell you, each kid found some sort of “treasure” that the other kid had and wanted it! Overall it was a great morning!

Mostly because I made French Toast with french bread and home-made butter-cream syrup….I think that went over well for aaaaaalllllll of us…


2 thoughts on “Christmas, Part 2

  1. Dear Teachinfourth – have I told you that you are awesome? Because you are. Just so you know.

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