Christmas Part 3

Well, we had already had a little Christmas of our own here in Arizona because we were flying to California and didn’t want to take/send everything along, but next time, I think we’ll just bite the bullet and do it no matter the cost or the hassle.

We had a really nice Christmas morning, and I have to admit that Grandad looked dashing in his Santa hat!

That afternoon, we went to my Uncle Bob’s and Aunt Yvette’s house for a prime rib FEAST! There was also the best appetizers, drinks and enchiladas with that feast. I’m surprised we could even be rolled out of the house! When Mr. B got a gift from Aunt Yvette and I asked him who it was from, he said that it was from, “The lady who looks like she should speak Spanish but she speaks English.” He had such a great time with everyone!

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I simply cannot find the words to express that feeling you feel when you get together as a family and share the love and stories and lives with each other.

Maybe it’s just magic.



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