Time Management

Perhaps you are wondering (I know my husband is) why there is a photo of the ocean at the top of my blog….in February. Can you see that the picture is showing the legs of a small boy running toward the water in chonies and a parka? Well, more on that later. Just know that it is TOTALLY relevant to the season.

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So, I’m trying not to be fickle and dramatic and, well…silly, but I’m going through some withdrawal symptoms. After reading Gerb’s post about disabling her Facebook account, I started seriously thinking about it. Last week, after 3 friends disabled their accounts, I actually went for it. Sure, sure, call me a Lemming, at least I’m not afraid to admit it.

See, I LOVE Facebook. It has kept me in touch with those I’ve met recently, it’s helped me re-connect with friends from my past, and it’s helped me reconcile with those I might not have otherwise talked to again in my life…ever.

Facebook was also a really great tool around Christmas as it helped me to communicate with family regarding our Secret Santa and our plans for the California Christmas excursion.

I LOVE talking with people, chatting with friends, commenting on cute baby/wedding/vacation/blessing/graduation pictures. I am sad for those who are going through hard times, and I rejoice with those who have great days.

But…(isn’t there always a BUT?!?)

I couldn’t stay away.

I know, I know….plenty of people just said, “Set a timer! Just click ‘log out’! Stay off the internet! Just read and don’t comment! Only get on once a week” But since I’m online for Mr. B’s school, it’s hard to stay away from that blue button. When it comes right down to it, I’m just not that kind of person. I’m rather impulsive and am kinda into instant gratification.  Maybe that’s an excuse, but I really find myself getting addicted to things, both good and bad.


Scrapbooking memories of my kiddos.



Drinking Dr. Pepper (what?)




Smoking (yes, I’ve quit. But I didn’t want to, and it was HARD!).

Drinking (infinitely harder than quitting smoking…mostly because I didn’t stink when I drank).

Watching 8 straight hours of  “Lost”.

Reading EVERY post about EVERY friend AND commenting about it on FB.

Not exercising.

Drinking Dr. Pepper.


See, there’s good and bad things about having an addictive nature. Now, am I saying that because you like/love fb that YOU are wasting time and that YOU have an addictive nature? Absolutely NOT. (I seriously had someone send me a message in FB saying that I am judgemental and rude because I said that I was wasting time on FB. What the…?)

But it’s me. It’s just ME and this is what I’m doing. Plus, I really like Camilla’s idea about focusing on the things I could be doing instead perusing fb for endless hours.

So yesterday, instead of playing on FB, I:

Played cars and planes with Ollie. He cannot get enough cars and planes.

Played boxing with Mr. B on the Kinnect. He beat me 2 out of 3 times. I only lost on purpose on the first round.

Read to Ollie for an hour and a half. He literally sat on my lap and we picked books out of the bookshelf for over an hour. Among his favorites are:

Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom (this is one of Mr. B’s favorites too)

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

The Very Busy Spider (three times)

Trucks and Tractors (a lift-a-flap book)

The Wheels on The Bus (twice)

The Very Quiet Cricket (four, FOUR times)

Diggers and Dump Trucks

From Head to Toe


I also made a super yummi-licious lunch that I kinda threw together after looking at a recipe and realizing that I didn’t have the exact ingredients to make it. Then I read a little in the book that I am trying sooo hard to finish (I have 8 pages left!).

Facebook is great. I love it. I still think you are awesome for having a FB account. But I’m going to try to see what I can get done (I’ve added quite a bit to my plate since December) without it. I might re-activate it, I might not, but my goal right now is one month. And when I see what I’ve done and how much I’ve missed it after that month, I’ll go from there and see if I can “set a timer” or “just make a quick peek”…somehow, though, I don’t think it’ll work out that way. And that’s just fine with me.








7 thoughts on “Time Management

  1. You’re my hero, Sarah! I can’t believe someone would say that you’re being rude and judgmental. (I think someone’s feeling a little guilty themselves, in my opinion). I really do want to do this, but I don’t think I’m ready to completely deactivate it just yet. I think a change will happen very soon though. I may have to force myself to use a timer. I too feel like I’ve been neglecting my kids and need to spend more time with them. I hope you stick it out!

  2. The cool thing about deactivating your account is that you can reactivate it whenever you want!

    Plus, I felt bad for telling my 6-year-old to go play with his brother and keep him away from the computer…it’s not his responsibility and plus, it’s totally unfair!

    Lastly, it was getting WAY to easy to stay up until 11pm and play on fb!

  3. Go, Sarah! Here’s where the SUPER in your name comes in… I have missed many things about FB but it has been awesome to see what else I have time for now. Like reading books! And actually helping my kids with their homework. Etc, etc.

  4. Yep! After reading the book, “A Thomas Jefferson Education”, I realize that I have NO idea what a “classic” is. Taking time away from FB has led me to read Shakespeare, “A Wrinkle in Time”, “The Giver” and I just started “The Chosen”.

    PLUS I’m playing with my kids, which they love.

    It really helps when I’m feeling the itch to “log on”!

  5. I am proud of you for your effort! Since I don’t go on FB an awful lot, I keep my account. It’s just another way of communicating when I need it.

    Dr. Pepper? Oh, you are speaking my language…

  6. I am sooo addicted to FB. I love the idea of deactivating for a month and the re-evaluating. I was okay with my life before I knew everything about everyone else’s!! I think I’ll be alright now. I REALLY needed this post. Thanks! There are so many more important things I could be doing. You are great and I’m so impressed with everything you do with and for your boys.

  7. Drinking Dr. Pepper is definitely a divine thing! 🙂 That is too bad about someone saying you were judgemental, but I swear, fb creates so much needless drama it doesn’t surprise me that someone would jump to conclusions. I am a fb addict myself, but thankfully I don’t have internet at home so I am forced to go without on the weekends and then at work I can only use it small doses. But I’m pretty sure that if I didn’t have these restraints forced upon me I would probably waste my life away on fb. Good for you for doing a month cleanse!

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