Last week was our 8 year anniversary and I thought for sure I was getting this:

(this is the Bosch mixer I’ve been wanting for only a year or so…)

But I was shocked and totally surprised to open THIS at our anniversary breakfast:

Yep, that right there is an iPad, folks.

Funny what an unexpected insurance refund (and a sneaky, conniving husband) will get you these days.

I opened the iPad on Tuesday.

I synced music, photos, movies, and apps.

I downloaded really useful apps to help with the budgeting, cooking, and running of the household.

I arranged my apps in specific folders and named them and put them in alphabetical order.

I set up my calendar and entered birthdays/events/playdates/seminars until the wee hours of the morning.

The next day was Wednesday, and I saw the news.

This came out:

Yep. Literally THE DAY AFTER I opened my brand new iPad, the brand new NEW iPad came out. With a bigger processor (eh, big whoop, right?) and


“Why didn’t the first one come with camera?” I kept asking.

And then it did.

So we called Apple and they said send it back and we’ll refund your money and you can go get the new one.

I packed up all my hard work and my awesome calendar app and put it in the FedEx pickup box, and am waiting.

Waiting for my new NEW anniversary gift to arrive. And even though it’s NOT  a mixer, I am so, SO excited!!!  (can you tell?)

But until then, I’ve got PLENTY to do, so I’ll run along to bed and share more with you tomorrow…maybe I’ll finally get the ocean photos up. Because they are awesome.

And they looked incredible on my iPad…  : )



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