I am so blessed.

I have recently had lots of folks asking how I’ve been doing or how I’ve been feeling, and I get to tell them that

I feel fine.

It’s been 6 months this month that I had The Big Surgery (and 6 1/2 months since the first surgery) and even though I thought that my follow-up CT scan was this month, it’s actually next month…on Friday the 14th, to be exact (I was pretty happy it wasn’t the 13th, not that it matters or anything). So, here are a few things that I can do, and a couple that I still can’t do:

I still can’t do sit-ups. I mean, I CAN, but it HURTS. For days afterwards it hurts deep inside my stomach wall and I am not a fan of the pain.

I’m still working on standing up straight. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s uncomfortable, and I have to fight my lazy self every time I look in the mirror and realize that my shoulders are hunched I’m still slouching.

My scar itches, especially at night and right after my shower unless I put on lotion mixed with almond oil right away. Not a big deal, but it’s a teeny bit annoying.

I cramp up really back if I stand up quickly, especially if it’s close to the magical time of the month for women.

I can’t in any way do a handstand! That STINKS! Oh, wait. I couldn’t do one before the surgery either. Riiiiight.


Things I can TOTALLY do now and LOVE it:

*singing* I can flush the toilet, I can flush the toioiOIOIoioioilet!

I can tie my shoes, and cook, and walk, and jog and ride my bike and walk my dog, and jump, and swing, and laugh, and cry, and go to church, drive, pick up a rock, plant flowers, week the backyard, fold laundry, mop the floor, vacuum, put my shoes on, get dressed, roll over in bed, get out of bed without a rail,


tickle my son, move furniture, reach up and get plates from the (not top) shelf, empty the dishwasher, take out the trash, entertain guests, go to plays and musicals with good friends, drive to the big city, visit family, move sofas, arrange yard sales, scrapbook, visit teach, pack boxes of supplements for underprivileged children, teach in primary, sit in teeny-tiny primary chairs, carry my church bag, change a diaper, get my kiddos dressed, make breakfast, plan meals, sleep on the sofa with a sick baby boy, break up dog fights, change a flat tire, go eat tacos, take a spur-of-the-moment trips to the park with bikes/scooters/strollers/roller skates/snacks, and

I can do it with a smile. These things that I thought I would never, NEVER EVER do again.

And I can now.

I am so blessed.

Thanks for asking.




3 thoughts on “Blessed

  1. I’m so happy that you can do so much now, Sarah. But just as much, I’m happy you appreciate all those teeny moments that are normally taken for granted. Your spirit is awesomely inspiring! Keep on “doing”!


  2. Hi Sarah,

    I found you via your comment on 4 Perspectives, and I wanted to cheer you on!

    I imagine your decision to homeschool was prayerful and personal–mine was too. You’re going to do a great job! There are homeschoolers all over the country who will inspire you and support you; just go out there and find the ones that are near you. I know that our local convention and meeting with like-minded friends feeds my soul . . . and keep me from giving up when I’m exhausted and unsure of myself.

    I’m so sorry that your decision has caused a rift with your friend! I’m very fortunate that my family and friends are quite supportive. I wonder if your prayers on your friend’s behalf and some time won’t heal that wound. You’re not homeschooling to spite her, and she may see that and feel your love eventually.

    Wishing you well on this crazy (but well worth it!) journey,

  3. That was a terrible time for all of us, but nothing like what it was for you. I can’t speak for you, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 🙂 You are the only one with long term negative effects. We are just left with fond memories of tears and drawing closer to one another. It is times like that where deep friendships are formed and put to the test, and nothing else but hardship can do that in such a short time.

    So, are you feeling up to a hike? We are working on that, you know.

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