Lucky Me

When i woke up this morning, my thoughts were a conjumbled mess racing randomly through my head.

wake up the kids, get them dressed, make a quick breakfast, pack the car for the boys, move the car seats, pack the suv for me, grab the materials i need for volunteer work, remember to pick up tortillas for lunch while out, make soup for sick investigator, make snacks for baby shower, pick up balloons, make lunch, pack dinner for Gila Man, figure out how to have fun with phonics today, and on

and on

and crazy- freakin’-loopy-mixed-up on.

this was a

no make up

throw my hair back in a hair-tie


While in the kitchen, trying to get everything ready for my day,

my husband walked in and paused,

looked at me,

and said:

“I like your hair that way. It looks really nice.”

And I realized in that moment of pause in a hectic, busy-till-I’m-fried-day,

that I know what true love is.

Lucky me.


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