A Fresh View

I am a reformed “sleeper-iner”.

I know, I know. It might not truly be a word, but it’s exactly what I am. My dad can tell you how often I took the liberty of sleeping in on any given Saturday and popped my head out of my room around NOON (if they ran the mower under my window). I LOVE TO SLEEP. I love to sleep in and wake slowly and lazily and stretch and think about the day ahead and just….sleep. I love it.

But I found something better. Something almost magical. And I can say with confidence that I am a reformed morning lazy-butt.

“WHAT?” you say, if you know me at all.

“It’s the end of the school year and summer vacation and you don’t HAVE to get up any more, so WHY wake up at 6 am?”

Well, that’s a great question.

You see, I hate being woken up by my kids. I love them, of course I do, but that does not mean that the thought of them sneaking up to me in the morning with their yak breath and their “taps” on my face and getting into my bed-side table while whining about breakfast that just rubs me the wrong way.

In order of how I would not like to be awakened on any given morning, there are a variety of options that I don’t like to entertain; an ice pick to the eye, a shrill blast of an air horn in my face, ice placed on my most tender, warm belly, and then being shaken awake by my 2 and 6-year-old. Not specifically in that order either.

Sorry, I’m just a mean mom like that.

So to avoid being terrorized into getting out of bed, I started getting up just a teeny bit earlier than them every day.

And danged if I wasn’t just the chipper-est mom all morning long.

I got to get a few things done that I wanted to do sans kiddos, plus when Mr. B awoke with his usually barrage of questions, I was much more alert and able to answer some and delegate others in a calm and peaceful way.

So I figured if getting up 10 minutes earlier than my kids worked out so well, how would 30 minutes earlier work?

Let me tell ya, it was fantastic. I was able to go out and feed the critters without worrying about little hands eating the dog food or dumping out the water, PLUS I was able to read a couple verses in my scriptures, and who doesn’t need that little boost in their morning?

Since I was on such a roll, I decided to start getting up ONE HOUR before my kids did. This meant I had to get up at 6am, and for some reason, that was fine as long as my alarm was set to six-something; like 6:02, or 6:07, not just 6 am, because that was just tooooo close to 5 in the morning for me.

But with this extra time, I was able to fit a walk (or bike ride) into my morning schedule. Did you know that even if the days in Arizona are 99 or 100 degrees, it’s AMAZINGLY cool and brisk and beautiful in the early mornings? AND the sun is up before 6 am, which is something I was pretty uncertain about. The streets are quiet, the air is clear, and everything just seems to be waiting for someone to discover it for the day; the newly opened petunia blossom, the just-hatched baby birds, and the busy little hummingbirds flitting to the feeder.

While discovering this new world of calm, cool, serene early mornings, I must admit that I had to make some changes in my evening ritual, because staying up until 11:55pm and trying to wake up and function at 6 am were was not working out for me. First, my kids are in bed at 7pm, so I can vacuum, sweep, and mop while they are asleep and tha I can (usually) be done by 9-ish. Then, I have to be sure to fold the laundry while Oligator is down for his nap or he sabotages it for me during his waking ours.

But the magical hours in the early morning, the promise of a new day that dawns right before me, is refreshing and so re-assuring to me and worth it all. I’m getting so much more done in a more effective manner and it’s all, simply, because I am waking up an hour earlier every day. I wonder what 2 hours earlier would bring…..hmmm, I’m not sure if it’s worth it! Unless, of course, I can make more smoothies. That’s worth getting up early for, just ask these two:


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