Yes, I AM Brave

Wishing I had one of THESE right now...or rather, this morning.

This morning found yours truly lying in a chair, tilted back, bright light in my eyes, with two faces looking down on me, one with a metal pick in his hand who said, “Now, how does that feel?” as he poked my cheek.

“Um…like a poke?” I responded (naturally).

I have gone to the dentist once a month for the past 5 months to get my teeth fixed, and these fun-filled mornings have resulted in the repairs of six cavities and four, yes FOUR crowns seated in my mouth. The dentist who filled the cavities 6 years ago didn’t drill out all of the existing decay, so it grew and festered UNDER the fillings, causing my teeth to crack and give me tons of problems that we have to fix now. Luckily, we have good insurance that has a high allowance so I can get this all done now and be done with it.


It’s torture, TORTURE, I tell you!!!

And not for the reasons you are thinking of.

Do any of you know me?

Do you, perhaps, know that I like to talk? Well, if my blog is any indication of how I like to communicate, you can very well guess that, even though you might not have met me or have not seen me in a few years, I am a talker.

And this guy, this great dentist that I have now, he’s a little bit of a talker too. But there I am, laying back in my chair, with the light in my eyes and four hands in my mouth (all with instruments), and he talks and I can’t talk back! He says something about technology and how amazing it is because I was reading a book on my iPad, and I’m thinking,

“Yes, it IS amazing! I can download a book from Amazon Kindle or Nook and get it in like, 30 seconds and I can read it right away! PLUS I have this great iCal app that tracks dates, events and appointments,  and I can blog and email and Facebook and play solitaire whenever I want. Sure, it’s no Bosch, but hey! This thing is AMAZING!”

But I can’t say anything, because my mouth is full. Then when I do get a break, my mouth, tongue, lips, nose, ear, and neck are numb (I had to have FOUR shots to get numbed up enough to work on, then I get sick to my stomach for about 30 minutes and it takes aaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllll ddaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy to wear off!) so when I CAN talk, I CAN’T talk!

It’s bad all the way around for me.

So, to make a long and worthless story shorter, I will say that I am grateful for porcelain crowns, they look like my teeth, they last forever and they are easy to clean. I’m also grateful that next month is my last visit to seat the last crown and fill the last two cavities. I’m also grateful for insurance to cover MOST of the cost, though it took our whole tax return to pay for it (doh!).

Now to just get down to it, I realized that when I print 2011’s blog book, I’m not gonna have a whole lot about me, plus I haven’t even been bloggin’ much about the kids or anything, so I need to get back on the blog roll and tell myself how awesome I am.

And how brave. Because, yes, I AM brave.

*off to bed with pain meds and ice pack for sore head*



3 thoughts on “Yes, I AM Brave

  1. Hey! So I hope you don’t think I’m weird for doing this, but…I was snooping around on your blog for stuff on gratefulness. Just because you’re one of the happiest and most grateful people I know. ;o) Call me weird. I’m used to it. :o) Anyway, I came across this post cause it had the word “grateful” in it. Haha! Anyway, long story short, noticed the last paragraph and wondered, how do you print out a blog book? I’ve been wanting to do that with my blog, but I didn’t think there was a way. Is it only with wordpress? I’ve been wanting to transfer over to it, but don’t have a clue as to where to start. :o(

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