Smokey Sunsets

Well, most of you should probably know that we have had some serious fires out here in Southern AZ (and in Northern AZ too), which have even led to evacuations of some cities…it’s a little scary.

Luckily, we live far enough out in the boonies that we are un-affected by the evacuation, but we are NOT un-affected by the smoke. I couldn’t hang anything out on the clothes line (and I had lots to hang), I couldn’t let the kids play outside (always fun with little boys), and I couldn’t walk or ride my bike (which makes me a little grumpy).

So we filled up the air purifier, pulled out all the Little People (we LOVE Little People, if you have any spares, send them our way!), and ate lots of snacks (which Oligater puked up all over my floor…fun times).

And then our rooms turned orange, and we had to go outside to see what kind of light would cause such a color, and it turned out to be our very own sun:

This was the first time all day that we could see the sky. We have two fires burning, one to the North and one to the South, so we couldn’t see blue sky all day until evening when the winds died down and the air started to cool. This monkey sneaked outside while I was taking photos:

Overall, we had a pretty good day and enjoyed making animals shapes on the orange wall, thanks to our smokey sunset. But our prayers are still going out to the firefighters and all those who’s homes are in harms way.







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