Life On The Lam

What makes it different out here on the Lam?

The river closest to our home is this:

Our River...Or rather, river bed.

We haven’t had a rainstorm this year, not since January anyway. We had some clouds and a few sprinkles, but all it managed to do was make our cars and homes all dusty-looking and spotty.

It is DRY here, folks. It’s so dry, I can hang my laundry out at night and it’s done in a couple of hours.

It’s so dry that the grass in our yard has to be watered twice a day; once at 8pm and again at 7am, and it still hasn’t greened up.

You know those inflatable kiddie pools? Ours sat on our back lawn for a week and a half, and we were worried that the grass underneath it would be all yellow and dead. But guess what? When we moved the pool to clean it, the grass underneath it was 100 times greener AND longer than all the other grass around it. The pool held in enough moisture and shaded the grass enough for it to grow while it was sitting under 100 lbs of water!

But here I am, complaining about the dryness when there are plenty of things to be thankful for.

Like…not having to weed. Since we’ve had no rain, there hasn’t been any weeds around our home at all. (except where the water from the sprinkler system reaches) Nice, right?

And, since we live on a dirt road, it’s nice that we don’t have to worry about the slimy mud bog that our road becomes in the month of July. It’s pretty hard packed dirt for now.

And insects?


If we leave the door open for the puppy to go outside, the only thing that comes in are flies, and there aren’t very many of them. At night, there are only a few moths fluttering around the porch light, and I don’t even have to think about mosquitos when finish up my night-time chores on the back porch.

See? Plenty of blessings.

But it IS getting a little old…the dry heat.

THIS is what we’re waiting for:

Front Flood




A Real Monsoon

When my brother and I were younger we sometimes went with my Dad to the border town in which he worked. During these trips we would always see miscellaneous men and women standing in their front yard, spraying their dirt lots, trying to settle the dust. We always wondered what in the HECK they were doing.

But now that I’m grown and the summer is hot and the days are long and the weather is dry and the road is dirt,

Danged if you won’t find me outside in the front yard…spraying my dirt.




One thought on “Life On The Lam

  1. We must live in the same town!! I can’t believe how dry the dirt is in my yard except where we water the garden. Think Monsoooons. I love that desert rain.

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