It’s all because I watched “Hoarders”.

I scared me and totally fa-REAKED me out.

I went through and de-cluttered my life like I had never de-cluttered before, and let me tell you, I don’t do clutter.

The Humane Society was very happy to have my donations to sell in their “Feed the Dogs” store.

But I also de-cluttered mt purse, which turned out to be a mistake, because I got rid of anything that I felt I didn’t need on a daily basis. So out went the extra binkies, cars, 6 pens, army men, a pill case, and my handy-dandy notebook. Getting rid of everything lightened up my load, but getting rid of my notebook was a serious mistake.

I used to jot down what happened during my day and save it and laugh about it or cry about it and then blog about it.

Now, in the evenings, I sit at the computer and say, “What was I going to say? What was that funny thing that Mr. B said? What happened during my (insert random chore here)?”

And I draw a blank. I mean, I can remember what happened, but I can’t grasp it tight enough to re-post it here, which makes me sad. I mean, at the end of each year, I print out the whole  year’s blog into a book (thanks to Cat for showing me Blurb) so we can flip through it without a computer, and right now I’m thinking, “Wow, that is gonna be one skinny book, SuperSarah!”.

So I’ve got to do something, even if some people call it Blog Fodder. I ain’t scared, fodder totally serves a valuable service to our whole society, so I say, BRING it.

Here it is:

The 30 Day Challenge.

Every day (really! EVERY day!) I will post something about me, and then a little something about my kiddos and Gila Man. Nice, right?

See that “challenge” part of it?  Yep. I’m not sure how easy it’s gonna be, but I’m up to it, so stay tuned for interesting tidbits of info about the Lamb Fam (idea courtesy of Gina and Camilla and FB), it’ll be FUN!



One thought on “Posting

  1. Yay! I’m so happy I made it into your blog! 🙂 Too bad I never finished my 30-day challenge, maybe I should work on that…

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