Day #5

“A picture of somewhere I’ve been”

Though I’ve lived my whole life in Southern Arizona, I have traveled to a few states in my life: New Mexico, Texas, California, Oregon, and North Carolina.

We even went to Mexico when I was a kid and a few times after high school, BUT

I remember the trips to California the most and with the fondest memories.

Since we grew up on a farm, it wasn’t always easy to run off and visit family members on a whim. But every once in a while, we could find someone reliable to look after all the critters, my dad would load up “The Green Beast” (a four-door full-sized Chevy pickup that ran (and STILL runs) on leaded gasoline) and drive the 18 hours up to the Northern part of California, where we would spend a week or so visiting our family and playing with cousins.

My Grandma and Grandpa would also drive their motor home out to the sticks and pick me up for a summer rendezvous in Cali with my cousin who is my age, though driving through the sand dunes in Ajo was not my favorite part of the trip:

Sand Dunes of Ajo


We had to turn off the a/c in the motor home so it wouldn’t overheat, and the windows in the back didn’t offer much ventilation, but it was worth it when we got to the end of our trip.

So, though we go places and do things and accomplish, um, accomplishments, today’s blog will consist of this photo taken on the beach in California in December (the day after Christmas) 2010.

Family Photo on the Beach


Not just because of where it is what we did while we were there, but of WHO was there and what we did with them.

Completely priceless.

Luckily, Mr. B still has his clothes on in this shot….



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