Day #6

“Share A Hobby That You Have”

I have several, but I’ll share a couple here.

I LOVE to make baby blankets. They are fun and EASY and they always turn out perfectly because I can just cut and MAKE it work because that’s the way I DO crafts.

Tres Baby Blankets (image borrowed from here)

Though I love to make them, there isn’t much call for double-sided-reversable-lined fleece baby blankets here in Southern Arizona. But like I said, I like making them, so those babies can sweat it out.

I also like to scrapbook. I know, I know…totally a cliché “Mormon” thing to be into.

CTMH Sample from here

BUT, in my defense, I will say that my boys LOVE looking at their scrapbook, and it’s a hobby that makes me feel like I’m doing something for ME while also accomplishing something for my kids. It’s rather satisfying.

Plus, it gets the photos outa the box in the closet and into a book that’s fun to look at.

Oh, and once a month parties with other amazing ladies adds to the draw as well.




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