Day #10 (30-Day-Challenge) A Story About A Past Relationship

“Share a story about a past relationship”

Ah, sheesh.

Where to begin.

I have quite a few memorable relationship stories, though not in a, “Gosh, I’m so glad I went out with that guy and made those decisions” kind of way. I have ONE relationship (before I met my husband) that I look back on with a smile and mostly no regrets, but the good, mushy, funny stories aren’t always the funniest when I tell them again out loud, so let’s go with the,”holy crap that guy was a complete cretin” one.

Once, I dated this guy who used my credit card to rent a car and drove up to Winslow, Arizona and stayed the whole weekend without a call or email to let me know what he was doing before he finally dragged his sorry butt home. Strangely enough, it was the same weekend that my manager went A.W.O.L. from work.

When he got back, he told me he had started dating me for my “personality” and when I was grumpy the week before (on account of him taking money out of my purse for BEER and getting drunk and puking all over everything I owned), he realized that we just weren’t working out.

We broke up. But I needed the job, so I had to look at my manager 4 days a week and wonder what the heck went on.

Oh, and the guy’s sister worked there too.

It stunk.

Then I got offered another better higher paying job and I got to tell them to shove it. But then I apologized, because I’m a sucker like that.

The End


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